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Is "Aidan" a variation of John?

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SkaterGrrrrl Mon 14-Jun-10 15:48:25

I know Ian, Sean, Jean and lots of other boys names share the same root as or are derived from John, or are international variations of John.

Just wondering if Aidan does too - my baby book says no but one website says yes.

We basically want a name that isn't exactly the same as my dad's but is close to it.

Cheers, name-experts of MN!

LilyBolero Mon 14-Jun-10 17:03:20

Don't think so - it means 'little fire' and is Irish in origin. It is ds2's middle name, so I love it!

Sal321 Mon 14-Jun-10 17:24:47

No - as LilyBolero says it means 'little fire' and pretty much all of the books/websites agree except the one you have found.

coffeefestival Mon 14-Jun-10 17:25:18

No, I don't think Aidan comes from John.

It sounds like you've already found a lot of the related names, such as Evan, Ewan, Ivan, Jack and Zane.

I quite like Keoni which is a variant from Hawaii.

There are some "variants of the variants" too, such as Keon, a variant of Ewan, and Ivano, a variant of Ivan.

There are also some names which relate to John in other ways, such as Johnson meaning "son of John" or Gileon which means "servant of St John"!

MrsvWoolf Mon 14-Jun-10 18:32:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noyoucant Mon 14-Jun-10 20:57:53

Sean is the Gaelic version of John.

mathanxiety Mon 14-Jun-10 20:59:05

No connection to John.

Another version of John is Jonas (Lithuanian ?)

laughalot Mon 14-Jun-10 21:01:41

Not sure about the john bit but its my ds name so i love it.

laughalot Mon 14-Jun-10 21:02:19

Not sure about the john bit but its my ds name so i love it.

SkaterGrrrrl Wed 16-Jun-10 16:51:42

Lovely suggestions, thanks everyone!

We are expecting a ginger so Aidan could be apt!

Jamieandhismagictorch Wed 16-Jun-10 21:10:06

Also ;

Evan - Welsh variant of John (chosen partly for that reason)

Tuschinski Fri 25-Jun-10 17:23:58

No, Aidan has no relation to John but Eoin (pronounced Owen) is another Irish version if that's of interest.

birdofthenorth Fri 17-Jun-11 22:20:00

I love Aidan but if you are looking for John variants Janto (pronounced Yan-toh) is a nice Welsh form

Macaroona Fri 17-Jun-11 22:21:22

How do you know you're expecting a little ginger? confused

allthefires Sat 18-Jun-11 07:04:34

I was half expecting my ds to have auburn hair - both sides of family.

Aidan is lovely name.

inspireme Sat 18-Jun-11 10:43:22

I always thought Aidan was a derivation of Hugh?? that wat alot of Irish people believe anyway.

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