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Daphne or Penelope, Cassia or Isadora, Juliet or Helena?

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missgenevieveclavel Wed 09-Jun-10 15:08:17

Which are your favourites out of these pairs of names?

Which is your favourite and least favourite of all and why, if possible?

Also, do you know any under 5s who have these names and do you think any of them are about to have a surge in popularity?


FranSanDisco Wed 09-Jun-10 15:13:23

The pair I like most is Juliet and Helena. I don't like Daphne or Isadora. Cassia is OK and I would use Penny rather than Penelope. I know of no-one aged 5 or under with these names.

sedgiebaby Wed 09-Jun-10 15:19:21

I don't know any under 5's called any of these names, Cassia is my fave (come to think of it I do know a cat called Cassia lol!)

I don't dislike the others they just dont inspire.

Helena is nice, quite classy sounding then maybe Isadora. Although Isadora sounds a little like an aunties perfume to me IDKW?

LuluF Wed 09-Jun-10 15:51:11

I like Cassia - wanted it for last pregnancy - but DH didn't like it.

I know of one Isadora under 5. I think I know most Juliets - but still not that many.

I think my favourite pair would be Penelope and Cassia, though I'm also drawn to Daphne.

MmeLindt Wed 09-Jun-10 15:54:50

Daphne Daphne Daphne

Mainly because my dog is called Daphne and I think the name is fab and definitely due a comeback.

I also like Helena as it is a timeless classic, as is Juliet.

Don't know any under 5yos with these names (if you don't count my dog)

I did teach a German girl called Juliet a couple of years ago, she will be about 10yo now.

MrsvWoolf Wed 09-Jun-10 15:55:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsvWoolf Wed 09-Jun-10 15:56:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DastardlyandSmugly Wed 09-Jun-10 16:02:49

My favourite pair is Cassia and Isadora. If I was choosing one of that pair would choose Isadora because I think it's beautiful (Isadora Duncan) and I like the nickname Dora.

Daphne (my witch on an ex-step mum is called Penelope so that's why no to that)

Juliet or Helena is my least favourite pair. Of these two names I probably like Juliet better - possibly because Helen is my middle name.

Hedwig3 Wed 09-Jun-10 16:07:31

Daphne and Penelope easily.

nigglewiggle Wed 09-Jun-10 16:09:48

Juliet and Helena - they were on my shortlist.

gwendolenlongstocking Wed 09-Jun-10 16:13:51

um... I like both Juliet and Helena the same. Maybe Juliet is simpler to live with as I've heard a few pronunciations of Helena that made me wince.

Don't know any little ones with these names.

suspiria Wed 09-Jun-10 16:14:06

Cassia and Isadora are my favourites.If I could swap them around I'd have Penelope and Isadora

gwendolenlongstocking Wed 09-Jun-10 16:16:56

oh - favourite is Daphne, and least favourite is Cassia. Daphne's sweet and classical, Cassia is just unfamiliar and doesn't really appeal. Also I just googled it to find out how to say it and it seems pretty evenly split between "Cass-ee-a" and "Casha", with a "Cay-sha" thrown in for good measure. I would avoid.

swanandduck Wed 09-Jun-10 16:23:06

Juliet and Helena are beautiful.(as long as it's not pronounced Hel ee na)

I really don't like the name Daphne. I think it's quite ugly. Sorry!

PfftTheMagicDragon Wed 09-Jun-10 16:24:30

I like

Penelope (I have one and have never met another outside of MN)

MagalyZz Wed 09-Jun-10 17:48:33

Daphne - really dislike this
Penelope - lovely and it has great nick names. Penny,Poppy/Polly,
Cassia - no, sounds like a watch. Is it short for Cassiopeia? That would sound better i think, but it still wouldnt be my choice.
Isadora - no, but I like Isolde
Juliet - lovely
Helena - ok. so many different pronounciations, I prefer Elena or Leonora.

MagalyZz Wed 09-Jun-10 17:49:29

PS, in answer to your question, the only one of these names that I personally know of a child under five named is Juliet. But I still think that it's an unusual name, I just happen to know one.

LuluF Wed 09-Jun-10 18:36:13

MagalyZz - Cassia is a name in its own right. The name of one of Job's daughters (one was Jemima - can't remember the other) and means cinnammon bark. It's the same derivation as Kezia.

MagalyZz Wed 09-Jun-10 18:52:59


MagalyZz Wed 09-Jun-10 18:55:05

no. just googled. it is keren-happuch.

hmmm, no idea where I got Susannah from. I thought she was the sister of Jemima in the bible confused

LuluF Wed 09-Jun-10 19:27:01

Sorry - I meant Kezia was the name of one of his daughters, but got my sentence mixed up - he had three daughters - Keren-Happuch and the other two.

missgenevieveclavel Wed 09-Jun-10 20:13:05

Thanks for that info', Magaly and Lulu!

LuluF Wed 09-Jun-10 21:10:07

Sorry - not helping with your quest, is it?

helenwombat Thu 10-Jun-10 05:52:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nooka Thu 10-Jun-10 06:23:56

I like Juliet and Helena best, I think tht they are both classical and elegant, and the Helena and Juliet I know are both lovely people. I've only heard one pronunciation of both names (Julie - et and Helen - a). I don't know any small children with any of these names. I dislike Daphne most I think, it feels dated, and the association with Scooby Doo too strong.

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