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Is Thibaut pretentious?

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Tubbilicious Tue 08-Jun-10 14:57:51

Hello, I'm having baby number 1 in September. I'm from t'north of England and so is dh... but I love French names. I'd appreciate honest opinions of Thibaut (pronounced Tibo). Of course you'll all give me loads of feedback and then I'll have a girl (Agnes, Elise or Elodie...)

EleanorHandbasket Tue 08-Jun-10 14:59:41

Message withdrawn

bibbitybobbityhat Tue 08-Jun-10 15:02:23

I can't get past the idea that you shouldn't have a French/Spanish/Italian name, whatever, unless one of your parents is that nationality. Sorry but I can't. I think choosing a French name when you are both British is in itself pretentious.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Tue 08-Jun-10 15:06:19

While I appreciate it is a lovely name, I just think he'll be called Tivo and everyone will assume that you named him after a hard drive. It's an accent thing, I think.

bleedingheart Tue 08-Jun-10 15:06:19

Yes it is and a burden for the child who has to explain it all the time. Sorry.

GrungeBlobPrimpants Tue 08-Jun-10 15:09:51

Er ... yes it is. Sorry.

I can see it being pronouced "T'boot" if you didn't know the pronunciation. Must be easier French names surely?

lidofabiro Tue 08-Jun-10 15:10:52


skihorse Tue 08-Jun-10 15:15:42

Of course it's pretentious and he'll always be known as Thigh-bat.

swanandduck Tue 08-Jun-10 16:19:16

Yes, it's prententious. I also agree with Bibbity, if you're not from a French/Spanish/Irish background, then don't choose a French/Spanish/Irish name.

AhLaVache Tue 08-Jun-10 16:20:52

Dont know about pretentious (probably is)but its ugly and impractical.

belgo Tue 08-Jun-10 16:22:24

Awful name even when pronounced correctly.

MagalyZz Tue 08-Jun-10 16:28:47

I like Tibo!

I think Tibaut (with an L though maybe??) was used in Ireland about 80 years ago, along with Thaddeus. Is it a saint's name?! I can see those obscure saints' names coming back. Cornelius is another one! some old Irish men in flat caps have some really interesting names!

Tibo is nice imo.

MagalyZz Tue 08-Jun-10 16:29:48

ps, what about Arnaud? that's a little less what the fuck up north!? and I do understand what you might be up against. I can imagine the reception Ptolemy might get in my neck of the woods.

beanlet Tue 08-Jun-10 16:34:16

I like Thibaut a lot, but it is VERY French, and if you don't have any French connections, it's probably a bit too much. Sorry.

usualsuspect Tue 08-Jun-10 16:35:16

Not keen..but Agnes is even worse

swanandduck Tue 08-Jun-10 16:37:48

I agree. Agnes is really awful. Elise is much prettier.

BessieBoots Tue 08-Jun-10 16:40:40

Tibor perhaps?

midnightexpress Tue 08-Jun-10 16:42:08

Yes, v v pretentious, plus I agree it should be spelled Thibault. Soz.

I ilke the girl's names though. Including Agnes.

5DollarShake Tue 08-Jun-10 16:56:17

grin It's all well and good you liking French names. Let's just hope your son does as well, since he'd be the one living with it!

noddyholder Tue 08-Jun-10 16:58:10

The most pretentious I have EVER heard!Well done grin

noddyholder Tue 08-Jun-10 16:58:43

Agnes otoh is my all time fave girls name

PortiaNovmerriment Tue 08-Jun-10 16:59:41

I'm with Noddy.

Thediaryofanobody Tue 08-Jun-10 17:09:34

So what if it's pretentious, do you really like the name? If so the use it. smile

Elodie is lovely too.

suspiria Tue 08-Jun-10 17:09:59

I agree with MagalyZz more obscure saints have amazing names and are ideal if you want a name with a bit of history.My husband has a great uncle called Benignus.Ireland is full of elderly men with astonishing names.
Elodie is my daughter's middle name and it's also a saint's name.I personally quite like Thibaut/Thibault.
I'm from the NW we love a not so run of the mill name.

skihorse Tue 08-Jun-10 17:58:58

OP is getting a few nods from Agnes - but is she planning to pronounce it the French way? wink

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