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HELP with baby names if you would.

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libbyss Tue 09-Aug-05 20:23:41

Hello my name is Libby. Married to Andy we have 4 children and are expecting our 5th in November (how did that happen) I have posted this with help from my dear friend and wondered if you could help me.

WE found naming all our children really easy, in fact we liked so many names that we were spoilt for choice but for some reason all of us are stumpted. Not keen on our youngest's suggestion of Milo or Fizz haha!

Can anyone help, we currently have a Henri, Cecily, Violetta and a Mimi (actual name Annone)

I don't like very modern names I prefer quite old fashioned but don't mind if they are quite well used if you know what I mean. I quite like Constance for a girl and Hugo for a boy but my hubby detests those. Typical!

I have been reading threads for quite a while now and felt compelled to post one myself as we are having such a hard time in agreeing anything.
Many thanks in advance

nailpolish Tue 09-Aug-05 20:25:33

constance and hugo are nice. what about hamish? scottish for james, very traditional. my 2 are melanie and kirstie

loads of luck with your 5th !!!

meggymoo Tue 09-Aug-05 20:25:45

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Tue 09-Aug-05 20:25:48


starlover Tue 09-Aug-05 20:26:04

i like

linus (my ds)

libbyss Tue 09-Aug-05 20:31:47

Hey, Thanks you for the messages already.
Mimi's middle name is Florence and Cecily's is Emilia. Wow, great minds think alike. I am hoping we should have found his or her name by this evening.

How do you add a smiley face by the way?

starlover Tue 09-Aug-05 20:33:18

just type [ smile ] or : ) (but without the spaces)

hmmm will have to think of some more. we had loads of girls names... but only the 3 boys!

RnB Tue 09-Aug-05 20:34:17

Message withdrawn

libbyss Tue 09-Aug-05 20:35:59

Thank you. I love Rex that is so, um COOL.
Hubby would have a fit, I know he would. smile

starlover Tue 09-Aug-05 20:37:28

ooh RnB i like Octavia! and I also liked Augustus for a boy. but dp vetoed both!
i like Olivia, Grace, Martha

also like

Whizzz Tue 09-Aug-05 20:39:02

Isabelle / Isabella
Alexander / Alexandria

They were the ones that sprung to mind & I thought 'fitted' with the others !

libbyss Tue 09-Aug-05 20:39:43

Now I am getting excited! Perhaps it's too unusual. I am sat here with a pen and paper taking notes
I think this baby is a boy but hubby thinks it will be a girl.

nailpolish Tue 09-Aug-05 20:40:33


libbyss Tue 09-Aug-05 20:41:21

thanks whizz and everyone. Yes I think part of the reason we can't agree is finding a name that sort of 'slots in' with everone elses too.

Whizzz Tue 09-Aug-05 20:42:30

Matilda ?

RnB Tue 09-Aug-05 20:42:32

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Tue 09-Aug-05 20:43:23


nailpolish Tue 09-Aug-05 20:43:47


nailpolish Tue 09-Aug-05 20:44:49

i also like flower names for girls


starlover Tue 09-Aug-05 20:45:03

oh yes matilda was on my list!
i used to look after a tabitha... she is very lovely

rnb... i think we obviously have very refined tastes!

starlover Tue 09-Aug-05 20:45:27

oooh yes i LOVE primrose

BarefootMama Tue 09-Aug-05 20:45:44


BarefootMama Tue 09-Aug-05 20:45:54


nailpolish Tue 09-Aug-05 20:47:05

libby, we got our names from watching credits on telly/films, i think you should watch some historical drama type programmes for a name!

RnB Tue 09-Aug-05 20:47:23

Message withdrawn

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