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When you were a child/teen what did you want to call your future children?

(170 Posts)
LetThereBeRock Wed 02-Jun-10 15:05:44

I know that not everyone thought about this when they were a child but if you did what names did you love then, and did you use them?

said Wed 02-Jun-10 15:06:47

Carol and Kevin. And, no, I didn't use them.

Meglet Wed 02-Jun-10 15:07:13

I always liked the name Hannah, didn't use it though.

Alicetheinvisible Wed 02-Jun-10 15:09:14

My sister and i used to fight over the names we had for our Barbies. I remember Stacey and Tiffany being very popular with us for a while blush

poppyknot Wed 02-Jun-10 15:09:44

My first 'baby' was called Pauline. My mum had a doll called Norman.

Neither of us actually translated these into our own DC names.

elportodelgato Wed 02-Jun-10 15:11:02

I thought I would have 3 pious daughters called Hope, Faith and Charity blush blush
My family is not even religious so no idea where that came from!

polkadottytotty Wed 02-Jun-10 15:11:36

I wanted to call my future daugher Lacey when I was about 9! (It was the 80's!)

I don't have a daughter but it goes without saying that if i did i wouldn't have used it.

More recently, when I met my husband 8 years ago, we always said we would call our DS George and a DD would be Ella - obviously everyone else was thinking the same as they both became very popular.

LuluF Wed 02-Jun-10 15:12:42

I loved Megan, Pagan, Scarlett and Blue.


thatsnotmymonkey Wed 02-Jun-10 15:14:22

I loved Christina, I thought it was so fancy and exotic, and I remember thinking that Linda was a "cool" name!

grumpypants Wed 02-Jun-10 15:15:06

Bella. DD currently favours prosper and Lyra. Hopefully is a long way off (she is 12)

BrigitteBardot Wed 02-Jun-10 15:16:31

Elefteria, it means Freedom in greek. I am not Greek or have any links with Greece.

DastardlyandSmugly Wed 02-Jun-10 15:18:55

I was a huge Duranie so always wanted a girl called Rio.

Also loved Scarlett (O'Hara) and Elanor (Lord of the Rings).

Adair Wed 02-Jun-10 15:19:43


(It's Jane but with a french-sounding 'j/zh')

(In my defense, I was 11)

Psammead Wed 02-Jun-10 15:25:21

Mallory Scarlett for a girl

Camden for a boy (omg)

Have NOT used any of those names! Although Mallory isn't tooooooo bad and part of me still finds Camden quite cool :P

DanJARMouse Wed 02-Jun-10 15:27:55

Lucy for a girl and James for a boy.

Used James as a middle name.

Nothing wrong with Lucy but didnt use it!

Harimo Wed 02-Jun-10 15:29:04

I wanted a boy and a girl.

Donovan and Maddison.

ShinyAndNew Wed 02-Jun-10 15:32:27

I was going have twin girls and call them Ashleigh-Mariah and Alexa-Jade.

After that I would have boy and call him Jamie.

fluffles Wed 02-Jun-10 15:33:23

when i was very very young i thought silvia was the most glamorous name in the world, but that there should have been a name goldia too because that would have been even better blush

CallMeMissTweedy Wed 02-Jun-10 15:34:41

I wanted a boy called Justin and a girl called Christy. ROTFL at my teenage self.

said Wed 02-Jun-10 15:35:52

Oh, Christina and Linda were cool to me as well. And Carly.

pixiestix Wed 02-Jun-10 15:38:50

I wanted a little girl called Serendipity blush

YunoYurbubson Wed 02-Jun-10 15:38:59

Georgiana Amber Freja
Beatrice Tudor Grey
Daniel Charles Edward

Actually I still like the girls names. Sadly though, my husband insisted on having a say in the naming of our children grin.

YunoYurbubson Wed 02-Jun-10 15:41:14

Roffle at Silvia and Goldia.

MunchMummy Wed 02-Jun-10 15:42:19

Hazel and Zacharias. I'd read Goodnight Mr Tom and a boy in that was called Zach and I loved it.

To my surprise DH suggested Hazel when expecting DD1, so I jumped at the chance - still love the name.

Had another daughter, but would have called a boy Peter.

GooseyLoosey Wed 02-Jun-10 15:43:18

Andy and Jenny. Used niether but I think the choice makes it quite easy to age me.

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