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Would you have preconceptions about a child named Liberty?

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zapostrophe Sat 15-May-10 17:00:30

Message withdrawn

PixieOnaLeaf Sat 15-May-10 17:02:21

Message withdrawn

brogan2 Sat 15-May-10 17:02:36

Not my cup of tea but doesn't make me wince.

I'd probably think parents were a bit hippy, not tacky unless spelt Libertee.

So I guess I'm...other. Sorry, not much help. grin

sapell3 Sat 15-May-10 17:29:14

Meaning of freedom, Statue of Liberty, Liberty bodice, Liberty department store.

I quite like the sound of the name but it does have quite a few connotations.

nbee84 Sat 15-May-10 19:00:20

Always reminds me of the company that services public loos - provides bins in the loos and machines that sell tampons and sanitary towels.

LynetteScavo Sat 15-May-10 19:04:15

Not really any preconceptions, I think the parents would be nicely middle class with a fondness for dressing their DD in tasteful dresses.

The only Libety I have ever met was a baby in a car seat, with a very nice,trendy, but not too posh mum.

helyg Sat 15-May-10 19:05:17

As long as she didn't have brothers called Egality and Fraternity...

Actually I think its a rather nice name, in the same way that I like Temperance and Hope.

However you might get mistaken for the kind of chav person who would name their child after a department store or clothing brand.

sungirltan Sat 15-May-10 19:10:50

i like it. but i don't like its diminutives, especially 'libs'

i like the name of the kid sister in Juno, she's called 'liberty bell'

Lauriefairycake Sat 15-May-10 19:11:19

Liberty Valance?

I personally really like the name and I'm very quite square when it comes to names.

It definitely does not say chav to me (I know mumsnetters hate chav but it's just shorthand for people who pick names out of OK magazine/soap stars)

mathanxiety Sat 15-May-10 19:32:34

Positive associations here.

BallpointPen Sat 15-May-10 19:34:01

A la Catherine Tate?

What a fucking Liberty!

Disenchanted3 Sat 15-May-10 19:35:20

i like it

mayanna123 Sat 15-May-10 20:43:29

Hhm, not keen on Liberty, sounds a bit American to me...

AnnVeronica Sat 15-May-10 20:56:17

It's the name of George Osborne's daughter.

MrsvWoolf Sat 15-May-10 23:19:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

scurryfunge Sat 15-May-10 23:21:05

I quite like it

harpsichordcarrier Sat 15-May-10 23:21:41

I always wanted to be called Liberty when I wa a kid... and still do, I expect, if pushed :-)

sharbie Sat 15-May-10 23:22:54

I like it too

saslou Sun 16-May-10 10:31:42

I like it and think of Liberty Ross.

Tortington Sun 16-May-10 10:32:45

i'd think she was a campanologist

MamaVoo Sun 16-May-10 11:13:45

I actually once knew a child called Liberty Bell.

Jamieandhismagictorch Sun 16-May-10 12:16:53

I quite like it. I am getting flashes of sanitary products though.

I quite like virtue names - Hope, Mercy, Joy, Faith, grace

I did once hear the name Maverick being called across a playground. I think that was taking parental expectations a bit too far ...

Jamieandhismagictorch Sun 16-May-10 12:17:59

grin custardo

pixiestix Sun 16-May-10 16:13:33

Totally dislike it. I would think the dreaded c-word about the parents tbh.

zapostrophe Sun 16-May-10 16:59:18

Message withdrawn

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