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Ruby to go with

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KAEKAE Fri 02-Apr-10 18:54:41

Siblings Oliver and Poppy, what do you think? Too popular? I like it because although I like flower names I don't want to continue a theme! But I like the fact that poppy's are red and ?!??! Is it a bit much?

dizzydixies Fri 02-Apr-10 19:04:56

no it goes quite well although I would be more tempted by Violet or Iris

BuzzingNoise Fri 02-Apr-10 19:06:35

But olives aren't red!!!! grin
Seriously, though, they go fine together. I fyou were using two crytal-type names or two flower names, then I would say no.
(Makes me think of Hyacinth Buckets with her sisters, Rose and Violet)

BuzzingNoise Fri 02-Apr-10 19:07:02

I mean crystal, not crytal. blush

KAEKAE Fri 02-Apr-10 19:11:56

Don't mind about Oliver...grin I am not so much into themes but the red thingee just had me thinking!! I just need a name really that is as sassy as Poppy...

telsa Fri 02-Apr-10 19:38:07

I think it goes well - I don't think redness jumps out immediately on either of those names. Rather a flower and a gemstone.

LynetteScavo Fri 02-Apr-10 19:44:19

I thing you should have a flower theme.

Daisy / Rosie / Lily / Posey ?

Whelk Fri 02-Apr-10 19:53:54

I like Ruby. Its a great name and goes well with Oliver and Poppy.

easterbun Fri 02-Apr-10 21:35:44

Lovely choice.

stripeytiger Fri 02-Apr-10 21:51:46

I like Ruby, goes nicely with Poppy and Oliver. Ummm, how about Scarlett, or is that a bit naff?

houseworkhater Fri 02-Apr-10 23:29:46

Nice choice.

miacat Sat 15-Jan-11 03:43:28

Iris is an absolutely LOVELY name. And the Goo Goo Dolls song IRIS is also superb. My husband said a big fat NO! to Iris

onimolap Sat 15-Jan-11 07:32:15

I think they go well together.

I wouldn't worry about the colour association - although the Flanders poppy is darker, the common UK garden variety is almost orange. Rubies are quite a different shade.

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