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which is for boys- Lindsay or Lindsey?

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nowwearefour Sat 27-Mar-10 09:39:09

pretty sure both can be for both but which is predominantly male one? not thinking of using it btw but need to write a card to a man named this name and i wnat to maximise my chance of picking the right one!

SherbetDibDab Sat 27-Mar-10 09:42:00

Very pleased you're not using it.

I think it's 'e' for a man. My tactic when I'm not sure is to slur my handwriting a bit, then he'll just read what he wants to see.

Maggie00 Sat 27-Mar-10 09:45:39

Well, I know two female Lindsays and they are both ay, but then 'ey' doesn't look masculine.

I go with the slopey handwriting suggestion!!!!

lifeas3plus1 Sat 27-Mar-10 10:25:59

I have a male friend called Linzi so you could always opt for choice 3. lol.

But yes, Slurred handwriting is alway's a winner.

MarianneD Sat 27-Mar-10 12:35:05

The male version is "ey"

wickedfairy Sat 27-Mar-10 13:36:41

In Scotland, the male version is Lindsay (my male cousing is also called this)

pointydog Sat 27-Mar-10 13:45:00


mathanxiety Sat 27-Mar-10 17:12:20

Squiggly handwriting. Though I would say 'AY' for a man.

SoupDragon Sat 27-Mar-10 17:14:49

I thought Lindsay was male.

nowwearefour Sat 27-Mar-10 17:56:44

so there isnt a consensus on this. the worst thing is i even asked his wife but have since forgotten waht she said. ahhh! i think the scottish thing might just win and i might go with a in a squiggly kind of way. but i did think it was ey so am totally confused!

mathanxiety Sat 27-Mar-10 19:00:13

Blots and blobs are very handy at times like this too.

mcflumpy Sun 28-Mar-10 10:06:37

Lindsay is male in Scotland.

jurisfictionoperative Tue 06-Apr-10 04:46:19

My dad is called Lindsay. Is a scots name for a man. x

firsttimestepdad Tue 06-Apr-10 05:13:55

My wife to be's name is spelt Lyndsey

Pingpong Tue 06-Apr-10 15:17:45

I'm sure you have written the card by now but Lindsay is the definitely the male version in Scotland and females seem to use any variety of spellings.

Greensleeves Tue 06-Apr-10 15:21:21

I dunno, I reckon people use both for both

I liked Linden - as in lime trees - but everyone said I would have to spell it Lyndon so I ditched it sad

Fimbow Tue 06-Apr-10 15:24:32

I have only ever seen it spelt Lindsay for a male. Dh's mate is this and we are Scottish!

Saltire Tue 06-Apr-10 15:30:08

I too have only ever seen it spelt as Lindsay for a man

Mishmash82 Fri 02-Jan-15 22:27:24

My sister name was Lindsey but she sometimes used to spell it Lyndsey but never seen it spelt ay for a girl I also have an anti who's is spelt the same way

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