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What do you think of Esmae?

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gemcgem Wed 17-Mar-10 12:22:38

What do you think of Esmae as a girl's name? It's listed on Mumsnet's Baby Name Finder.

justallovertheplace Wed 17-Mar-10 12:27:15

I think you should learn to spell. Esme is lovely though

gemcgem Wed 17-Mar-10 12:29:54

i like it to sound may not me !?!? my son is finlEY not finlAY so i splet his name the way i say it !?!?
thanks for the opion though

Blu Wed 17-Mar-10 12:30:12

Esme is a lovely name.

HumphreyCobbler Wed 17-Mar-10 12:33:08

Esme is pronounced Esmay.

Spelling it like that will let her in for a lifetime of having to dictate her name.

GreenMonkies Wed 17-Mar-10 12:33:43

Ditto Justallovertheplace, lose the "a" and spell it properly. Esme is pronounced "Ez-May" not "Ez-Mee" and "Finley" and "Finlay" are two different names!

gemcgem Wed 17-Mar-10 12:35:20

tell my sister that she keeps saying me instead of may an its bugging me so i thought if i spell it that way people whould say it the right way??
where in yorkshire you know there abit strange here!! lol!

justallovertheplace Wed 17-Mar-10 12:37:15

It must be great spelling things how they sound all the time. I blame those bastard jolly phonics. Out if interest, how would you spell Sophie? That silent p must be a killer. Sofy??

sarah293 Wed 17-Mar-10 12:38:07

Message withdrawn

crumpette Wed 17-Mar-10 12:39:52

Esme is lovely

Esmae is atrocious

allyfe Wed 17-Mar-10 12:45:36

have to agree. Esme is lovely, but I really don't like Esmae. This is going to sound harsh but it will always look like her parents didn't know how to spell.

But Esme is a beautiful name.

gemcgem Wed 17-Mar-10 12:47:16

im deepley hurt!! i m not retarded !! my name is gemma an im allways asked is that with a g or a j !! i dont feel messed up or pissed off that my parents named me that! but i hate the fact that there are so many of us, every where i go theres 3 gemma in a room!
my eldist is charlotte an my middle daughter is lilian so is her name stupid cause it only has one L in the middle !?!?
iv seen esme in baby books spelt evey way with i , ee , 'e , ???

justallovertheplace Wed 17-Mar-10 12:49:10

Noone has said you are retarded hmm
What a lovely turn of phrase

MaisietheMorningsideCat Wed 17-Mar-10 12:50:01

I prefer Esme - but hey, why ask a bunch of strangers?! If you like it, go for it.

crumpette Wed 17-Mar-10 12:51:30

Lilian is prettier than Lillian and is the traditional spelling for much of the world so I really like it

It's up to you OP, you asked for opinions

Esme is 'traditional' and not that common, I don't know any.

Esmae will involve your daughter having to spell her name all the time. It's pretty though I do like the name whichever way it is spelt.

BTW Gemma is much nicer than Jemma, makes me think of gems and pretty things. Jemma looks like a mash up of Jenna and Jemima

It's all subjective

gemcgem Wed 17-Mar-10 12:51:37

MaisietheMorningsideCat thankyou!

BessieBoots Wed 17-Mar-10 12:51:54

Name her what you want, but you dn know you'll get honest opinions here on mumsnet.

Agree with everyone else. I have never heard of an Esme being called esmee.

LOVE your 2 DDs names btw

allyfe Wed 17-Mar-10 12:53:58

I know that sometimes responses are very much to the point on her, but at least it is an honest opinion.

I know personally, I just prefer names to be spelt the way they are spelt. Esme is sometimes spelt Esmee or with an accent because it is French in origin, and consequently in French the last e would have an accent on it.

Nevertheless, a lot of people come up with 'creative' spellings. Some people see it as creative, and others as mis-spelt.

Your daughters names are all beautiful, even if I might spell some differently!

ShadeofViolet Wed 17-Mar-10 12:54:30

Wow OP, you are a real treat!

Esme is lovely - Esmae is strange.

ShadeofViolet Wed 17-Mar-10 12:55:30

I also think you have given alot of info about yourself!

crumpette Wed 17-Mar-10 12:57:14

I love the name Esme and I love the fact that on MN people don't feel the need to say 'oh what a lovely name' to your face, unlike when you have the baby and see the fleeting glance of 'eugh' followed by that's a really pretty/unusual name, how nice/interesting

At least on mumsnet you get honest opinions. If you don't want people to disagree with you, ask your friends, not anonymous strangers on the internet

At least you know that the name Esme is well received (love it and love your other DDs names), and generally the addition of the 'a' is unnecessary. But it's your child up to you how you spell it.. I just prefer Esme

StayFrosty Wed 17-Mar-10 12:57:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gemcgem Wed 17-Mar-10 13:01:12

thanks to all for you opions still really confussed ??

crumpette Wed 17-Mar-10 13:01:12

Ah gem, I have just seen your post about pronunciation. Don't pander to other people's ignorance! If you pronounce it es-may, but spell it properly Esme your pronunciation will rub off on everyone else. It may take a while, but it will.

I like the suggestion of the accent on the 'e' to emphasise the pronunciation. I love accents on names blush

Clary Wed 17-Mar-10 13:04:43

As others say the name is Esme. It's very pretty.

Yes, it's said es-may.

I agree with those who say Esmae will spend her life spelling her name.

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