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allyfe Mon 08-Mar-10 22:43:38

What do you think? I love it, and my OH likes it. I wanted something not too common. Our DD is Freya - we had decided on Rose, but when she was born didn't think she was a Rose (!). Freya I have loved since childhood but hesitated because it is now so terribly popular. But because my OH loves it too, and I have loved it for years we went for it. I love it still, but hate it's popularity. I'm worried that we are going too far the other way with Merryn. Thanks!a

differentID Mon 08-Mar-10 22:49:50

it's very unusual, but I do like it very much.

pointylog Mon 08-Mar-10 22:53:08

I like Merrin a lot. Not at all keen on the y.

menomena Tue 09-Mar-10 00:28:05

Not keen on the Y spelling but think the name is quite nice. I know a Merran. Also what about Marin?

(And I agree Freya is fab even though it's popular)

loumum3 Tue 09-Mar-10 06:22:16

Merryn is lovely,... I think she is a Cornish Saint ?

TarkaLiotta Tue 09-Mar-10 07:32:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

5DollarShake Tue 09-Mar-10 09:57:32

I think Merryn is a really pretty name. Not too 'out there'.

dizzydixies Tue 09-Mar-10 10:13:32

I love Merrin smile

birdofthenorth Tue 09-Mar-10 11:23:40

I know a Merryn, who is beautiful and lovely. It's a great name. I was at secondary school with her though and starting each new class each year she did have to go over and over it with teachers and pupils alike til everyone got it -don't know why as it's fairly phonetic but people did struggle. She also got called Mervyn a few times by mistake which didn't go down well!!

She still loves her name though, and it's a really pretty name, so if you love it, go for it!

pooka Tue 09-Mar-10 11:27:05

I quite like Merryn (def with a y). Makes me think of St. Merryn in Cornwall.

boodleboot Tue 09-Mar-10 11:41:05

I like Merryn. Lovely name....sadly for me it reminds me of the time i was 'expecting' my christmas present from DH {DP at time} to come in a little jewellry box with some romantic proposal of marriage and undying love but instead opened up the book Love is Not Enough by Merryn Somerset-Webb editor of Moneyweek about females sorting out their finances.....shock
I think i just about hid my utter disdain and garbled something about it being so important to consider financial matters, especially at christmas....wink

Northumberlandlass Tue 09-Mar-10 12:24:46

I went to school with a Merryn (male) - i am 37 now. Merryn's parents were very cool as was he.

SoupDragon Tue 09-Mar-10 12:28:16

I don't think it's too wacky. I like it.

Northumberlandlass Tue 09-Mar-10 12:29:44

Sorry - should say, that I do love it. Although I always assumed it was a boys name. Not that it really matters.

hellokitty123 Tue 09-Mar-10 13:05:26

Merryn is lovely! Feminine, elegant and not that common!

Fanfare Tue 09-Mar-10 13:20:47

Ooooh yes, use it, it's such a gorgeous name. It would have been one of our main contenders if we'd had a girl. Definitely spelt with a y and definitely for a girl (or at least, it never occurred to me to use it for DS!). I believe it has Cornish origins.

allyfe Tue 09-Mar-10 14:36:14

grin so far, mainly positive then! St Merryn is a Cornish saint, and there is a St Merryn not far from St Ives I think. I'm really pleased that nobody seems to think it is too odd too.

I do think initially it was a boys name (the Saint was a bloke I believe), but it is now much more common as a girls name.

I think it is really pretty.

I'm not due for ages, and have no idea if it is a girl or a boy, but if we decide on a girls name now it is sure to be a boy.

allyfe Tue 09-Mar-10 14:38:24

boodleboot - your post really made me giggle. I must confess it was from Merryn Somerset-Webb that I got the name, although without the book association! Not really the sort of heritage you'd want to give your child wink.

NorbertDentressangle Tue 09-Mar-10 14:41:11

I know of a Merryn who must be about 10 or 11 now.

I thought it was a Welsh name for some reason

CaptainPicardsPineapple Tue 09-Mar-10 14:44:33

It's lovely, sounds Welsh or Celtic.

Go for it.

mojomama Tue 09-Mar-10 14:46:57

i live just near St Merryn in Cornwall - it's lovely - both as a place and a name! quite popular locally - plus, our lovely librarian in Padstow is called Merryn! an excellent choice!

allyfe Tue 09-Mar-10 14:48:47

Some places I've looked at have suggested it is Welsh, but my OH's family live down near St Ives and so I've seen it down there a couple of times and tend to associate it more with that.

mathanxiety Tue 09-Mar-10 14:53:12

Lovely name, but I love all things Cornish. Also love Maren, Muireann, Maris and Marit.

onadietcokebreak Tue 09-Mar-10 14:54:21

I know a couple people called Merryn. How are you pronoucning it?

BTW in case you are on holiday in St Ives anything and fancy a day trip to St Merryn its not as close as you think!

mintyfresh Tue 09-Mar-10 20:21:42

I really like this name. I also know someone called Merrion which gets shortened to Merry and she really lives up to her name which is lovely!

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