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What is the Most Unusual Name You've Ever Heard?

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monetinfebruary Fri 12-Feb-10 13:17:32

A cousin of mine named their daughter Persephone, which had us all talking as it's so unusual.
What are the most unusual names you've ever heard of?

ChristianaTheTwelfth Fri 12-Feb-10 13:22:23

Message withdrawn

ChristianaTheTwelfth Fri 12-Feb-10 13:22:59

Message withdrawn

MiaWallace Fri 12-Feb-10 13:23:56

Weasel for a little girl.

Iklboo Fri 12-Feb-10 13:25:49

One of the actors on London's Burning (years ago) called his daughter Glastra (using initials from members of his family)

LetThereBeRock Fri 12-Feb-10 13:26:49

Weasel? Weasel?shock Poor kid.

CaptainNancy Fri 12-Feb-10 13:29:51


You know this is going to end in tears though?

devilsadvocaat Fri 12-Feb-10 13:36:08

moon unit - girl

dweezil - boy

Jo5677 Fri 12-Feb-10 13:38:25

My Mum's middle name is Vena (pronounced Vee -na).
She has no idea where her parents got it from as they died when she was young.
I think it might be Indian but not sure and don't know what it means.
My great grandad was alos called Marmaduke, you don't here that often these days, can't think why lol

Lubyloo Fri 12-Feb-10 13:41:49

Oooh I like Marmaduke. We know a little Gandalf.

twosofar Fri 12-Feb-10 13:41:49

Antigone... which like Persephone I rather liked!

Iklboo Fri 12-Feb-10 13:43:40

Heard a mum shout Bertie, Gertie & Jemima. Not unusual per se - but it is round where we live (about 200 Tylers, Ryans etc)

ChristianaTheTwelfth Fri 12-Feb-10 13:44:22

Message withdrawn

Ziggurat Fri 12-Feb-10 13:45:17

Drizzle. I mean Rain is bad enough in the happy clappy stakes, but Drizzle? hmm

Also heard of a kid back home (NZ) called Rhythm Ecstasy. Rhythm Ecstasy Smith, or some such. I don't actually know this person you understand - read about him in the papers, probably up on some sort of GBH charge...

WreckOfTheHesperus Fri 12-Feb-10 13:45:37

Rubella and Windolene (not related)...

tartyhighheels Fri 12-Feb-10 13:47:04


PuppyMonkey Fri 12-Feb-10 13:48:45


slightlystressed Fri 12-Feb-10 14:01:23


ChristianaTheTwelfth Fri 12-Feb-10 14:20:40

Message withdrawn

Cortina Fri 12-Feb-10 14:53:19

Friday, She was cool but she got so many jokes every day about her name! Also, Barley and Dimples.

CardyMow Fri 12-Feb-10 15:26:56

Mhairi. Pronounced Vaa-ri. Family member. Missi, so called because when her brother first saw her he said 'hello missi' and it stuck!

MadamDeathstare Fri 12-Feb-10 15:33:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lighteningbugs Fri 12-Feb-10 15:34:55

I knew a Cinderella and a Gaylord Hillary Burke

Lighteningbugs Fri 12-Feb-10 15:36:16

I also know a Tinkerbella

arolf Fri 12-Feb-10 15:37:36

I know an Antigone too - was a bit hmm at first, but think it's lovely now.

Loudlass - I know a few Mhairis, it's fairly common north of the border!

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