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Nicknames for Darren?

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BellaeCandelae Wed 09-Dec-09 23:35:50

Other than Daz or Dazzer.

displayuntiltwelfthnight Wed 09-Dec-09 23:38:24


isnowsoonenough Wed 09-Dec-09 23:52:15


It's a shortish name as it is.

Daz gets my vote

BellaeCandelae Wed 09-Dec-09 23:52:28

Oooooh, cruel!


mrsruffallo Wed 09-Dec-09 23:53:08


BellaeCandelae Wed 09-Dec-09 23:53:41

She hates Daz and Dazzer - and TBH I agree with her!


displayuntiltwelfthnight Wed 09-Dec-09 23:54:19

are you trying to think of names to call someone you know who is called Darren, or wondering about naming a child Darren but wanting to pre-empt the inevitable nicknames?

isnowsoonenough Wed 09-Dec-09 23:57:04

Dar? Are you mad?

Sounds like a half hearted "Darling"...... in a not so cool way

ShinyAndNew Thu 10-Dec-09 00:01:42

I know a Darren who got Dash.

displayuntiltwelfthnight Thu 10-Dec-09 00:08:51

Dash is quite a cool nickname....maybe not at Christmas though, eh?

BellaeCandelae Thu 10-Dec-09 08:53:12

She really wants to please her MIL, who had a db called Darren. But unless she finds a pleasing nickname for Darren, it's going to have to be a middle name.

mrsvwoolf Thu 10-Dec-09 10:04:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lumpasmelly Thu 10-Dec-09 14:49:54

My brother is a Darren (it was his middle name, but he chose to use it instead of William or James - god knows why!)....he gets called Daz, or Darry by my mum!!!

ohnelly Sun 13-Dec-09 12:14:32

My ex Bf was called Darren (lovely name) but everyone called him Daz (Horrible - hate it)

DoesntChristmasDragOn Sun 13-Dec-09 12:19:55


TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Sun 13-Dec-09 12:56:14

D. I sometimes call my DH this. I like Darren as it is and I think Dash is a very cool name, I'm going to use that from now on grin Most people call him Daz. I don't.

slimeysnails Sun 13-Dec-09 16:24:24

Dow (as in Wow)

MuppetsMuggle Sun 13-Dec-09 16:26:43

my Cousin is Darren, I call him Daz however he's also known as Darry

Horsiemummy Sun 13-Dec-09 19:43:29

my hubby is a darren, and some people call him Dar (which sounds alright with a cornish accent IMO) but mostly people dont shorten it at all.

nooka Mon 14-Dec-09 05:32:11

Middle name! Darren is just way too 70s, and Daz is pretty much inevitable. Surely there are other easier ways to please a MIL?

pranma Mon 14-Dec-09 10:56:56

Sorry I just think its an awful name-goes with Sharon and Tracy and Wayne

TotallyAndUtterlyPaninied Mon 14-Dec-09 10:57:53

When I first met my DH I wasn't keen on his name as his mates kept calling him 'Daz' but now he's 'Darren' to me and I love it, it's just a lovable name. It's also Irish and very inoffensive.

villamartin28 Fri 18-Dec-15 21:18:20

Hi I just saw the thread I would say Dal for short As My name is Darren and mates when talking say Dal me granddad used to call me Dal to . When having a composition with someone Dal is always thrown in . Seeya later Dal alright Dal mate I know what you mean Dal lol. I hate dazza to only a few people and a ex gf years ago called me Daz . Northerners I think say Daz more as a mate on fb who live up there says that . Darren mean the young great one so its a great name lol .

villamartin28 Fri 18-Dec-15 21:19:49

Just realised 2009 this thread was made lol Hope you called your son Darren smile

usual Fri 18-Dec-15 21:31:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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