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Baby girl 3 - welsh name needed!!!!

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prizeelliott Wed 09-Dec-09 22:27:28

Hello, this is the first time doing this... how strangely liberating!!
I am expecting our third daughter and need a name to match our 2 other daughters. As welsh speakers living in Wales we want to stick with the welsh theme we started! Any suggestions? How do some of these sound to non welsh ears? Don't want anything too out there in case she ends up living in London!!

Betsan.... Beti for short!

Not doing very well am I?!

Other daughters are Tesni Angharad and Nia Haf.
Just feel have dragged through all the names twice already!!!!
Is it just me that finds this hard?

Contradictionincarnate Thu 07-Mar-13 00:04:16

everyone seems to be called seren!! I like lewsi and heledd - heledd was a welsh princess! grin

ChompieMum Sat 02-Mar-13 17:12:03

Seren, Saffir, Mali and Arwen (as in Lord of the Rings) are my faves.

EllenJaneisstillnotmyname Sat 02-Mar-13 17:06:02

Aargh, zombie thread!

Tippietoes Sat 02-Mar-13 14:47:56

Cariad is an endrarment, like calling someone 'love'. Never understood it as a name, but will probably find out loads of parents on here have used it!

Tippietoes Sat 02-Mar-13 14:38:04

Just don't give her my awful Welsh name....Glynis, which as you'll know means 'little valley'. What was my mother thinking?!

Tippietoes Sat 02-Mar-13 14:35:15

Seren means star and is often used in conjunction with other names eg; Seren-Haf, which means summer star.

oldspeckledtam Sat 19-Dec-09 19:45:19

I love Eirlys and Eirys. Seren beautiful. I have no connection to wales, but can pronounce the above!

I had a welsh friend called Cerian when I was little. We all just called her Kerry-Ann. Her mother tried to tell us, but our midlander ears weren't processing it. blush

mammafran Wed 16-Dec-09 21:40:29

Elin is a lovely name. I would consider it if I have a daughter but one of my friends has already called her daughter that. If I have a daughter I will definately give her a Welsh name.

prizeelliott Wed 16-Dec-09 21:34:09

Oh god you can tell I'm a novice!!! thought my messages would slot into appropriate places!!! The that's what my husband would say thing actually about Betsan being like a cleaning agent for a betting shop! Promise to stop waffling now!! Sorry x

prizeelliott Wed 16-Dec-09 21:30:17

I am with you on the Sali thing... loved it for both girls, but could never think of a middle name to counter Mali!!!! Guess may have to be struck from the list!!!

By the way thank you all xx

prizeelliott Wed 16-Dec-09 21:24:30

How funny!!! Sounds like something my dh would say!!! Chris is that you?!!!

Point taken though thanks!!!!

94100 Tue 15-Dec-09 16:50:15

I am a Welsh expat living in Paris, husband is French. I gave Llinos as a second name to my little girl, the French can approximately pronounce it being one of the reasons I chose it other than it being a nice cheerful name!

mummyofexcitedprincesses Tue 15-Dec-09 16:01:18

Another vote for Seren or Maire/Mari here.

timelordvictorious Tue 15-Dec-09 15:53:55

We've got a Ffion and a Seren (Seren is a dog though...). We live in England, and no one has ever had problems with either.

Patsy99 Tue 15-Dec-09 15:49:51

Love the dd's names you already have.

We live in London and were going to have Gwenllian for a girl but English in-laws actually laughed when they tried to say it. I think "ll" and "dd" will probably never be pronounced properly here. I guess Marged and Luned could be a bit of a challenge too. And whenever I see "Sali" I always think of Sali Mali but suppose that's only an issue in Wales. I really wanted Manon but dh vetoed on basis it sounded too French. I work with an Eleri and I've never heard anyone have any trouble with it.

kateyfer Tue 15-Dec-09 13:47:16

love Welsh girls names! here are a few suggestions:

Meredydd/Mered ith

ten10 Mon 14-Dec-09 19:26:06

my favourite welsh girls name is

had a friend at school with this name and always said I wanted it for a girl, but have two boys and so never did get to use iten10

poinsettydawg Mon 14-Dec-09 19:11:39

I just see celery

pixiestix Mon 14-Dec-09 12:50:24

Eleri is gorgeous, use Eleri!!

pranma Mon 14-Dec-09 10:54:29

Seren is very pretty

lattemacchiato Mon 14-Dec-09 09:31:56

I've lived in London for ten years now and I do have some problems with pronunciation of my name, especially when people see it written down first. I'm a Sioned and I get called Sinead a_lot. However, it doesn't bother me too much and correcting pronunciation/ talking about where the name comes from is a good ice breaker when meeting new people. I would say the main thing to avoid would be names with 'dd' and 'll' sounds. My sister has one of these in her name and has terrible problems outside Wales (and with the English side of the family...)

Personally I love Menna and Manon and think they work well wherever you are

winjy Sun 13-Dec-09 09:19:41

i like means summer...or mai, love seren its really popular in south wales...from ur list i love menna!! its beautiful!!

mejon Sat 12-Dec-09 20:45:26

Smac - I know our paths have crossed before. I wasn't sure if you remembered!! I don't think Delyth (or Menna wink) is much of an 'old lady' name. I'd associate names like Olwen and Dilys more with old ladies.

I think Buddug is unusual but quite harsh. It's pronounced Biddig (with the 'dd' pronounced like the 'th' in 'the').

I agree with you about Myfanwy btw, though my favourite aunt was called Fanw which is a pet name for Myfanwy.

MamiBabi Sat 12-Dec-09 19:17:16

Suppose I should chip in ...

I love Mari but that may be because I've got one, it's one that works outside of Wales too, DH is a Londoner and both he and his family can say it (coached with 'sounds like Barry' grin)

But then DD was nearly a

Gwendolyn (lots of Gwen names after my Nan)

The criteria for me rested not on DH and family's ability to pronounce the name but more on my own experience of having a Welsh name and living in England for 10 years - after the first 5 I gave up correcting the pronunciation and didn't really want my DD to have the same experience!

GetDownYouWillFall Sat 12-Dec-09 18:54:33

Bethan and Carys are my faves

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