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Baby girl 3 - welsh name needed!!!!

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prizeelliott Wed 09-Dec-09 22:27:28

Hello, this is the first time doing this... how strangely liberating!!
I am expecting our third daughter and need a name to match our 2 other daughters. As welsh speakers living in Wales we want to stick with the welsh theme we started! Any suggestions? How do some of these sound to non welsh ears? Don't want anything too out there in case she ends up living in London!!

Betsan.... Beti for short!

Not doing very well am I?!

Other daughters are Tesni Angharad and Nia Haf.
Just feel have dragged through all the names twice already!!!!
Is it just me that finds this hard?

lostinwales Thu 10-Dec-09 11:11:03

Love Betsan and Eleri, also have v good friend called Catrin who we all call Cat which sounds quite cool! Can't think of anything original to add sorry, found it v hard with what we thought was DD1 as we already had a Rhodri Arwel and a Tomos Owain, he's DS3 though and suits Gwilym down to the ground (although don't get me started on my mum who called a week after he was born and said 'I've told everyone he's called William, that's ok isn't it?!'

Had a long thought, Meleri or Delyth?

doodledrawers Thu 10-Dec-09 11:50:12

DS2 would have been Seren if he'd been a girl - I love the fact it means "star". Love Llinos as well, though possibly not very English-friendly!

WinkyWinkola Thu 10-Dec-09 11:52:43

Seren. It's a beautiful name. I know a Seren and she's a little smasher.

birdofthenorth Thu 10-Dec-09 12:01:05

Love Elin and Carys. I also love Seren, Mali and Essylt (nn Essie, really sweet).

Love your existing DDs names, congrats on number 3!

Anya4 Thu 10-Dec-09 13:27:43

Love Ffion. Carys is isn't unusual up here in Scotland so if you wanted something a bit more 'welsh', wouldn't go for that. Love Anwen too.....!

tummytickler Thu 10-Dec-09 14:41:45

My favourite Welsh names for girls are Dilys and Hawys. Do you like those?
From your list I like Eleri and Elin.

RnB Thu 10-Dec-09 14:42:36


Nowtheres4 Thu 10-Dec-09 14:46:26

I used to work with a girl called Ceridwen (Ceri for short), it always stuck with me but didn;t use it for either of my dd's as we have no welsh connections and felt wrong.

Cerys is lovely too.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 10-Dec-09 14:47:21

I know a Seren and she's a right little nightmare star. She's mine though, so I can say that Anyway, we're in England and no one's stuggled with the name (although children tend to think she's called Sarah if she tell them her name, but she's only 3)

SixtyFootDoll Thu 10-Dec-09 14:47:29

I like Eleri best from your list
My friend is Welsh speaking and has a Lowri, which I love!

mathanxiety Thu 10-Dec-09 14:51:01

Could you use Angharad again? I love this name. I like Rhiannon too.

From your list, I like

BaronessBarbaraKingstanding Thu 10-Dec-09 14:57:12


We were consiering this for a girl, but had a boy.

happymerrychristmas Thu 10-Dec-09 14:57:43

All lovely names, but I particularly like


BettyButterknife Thu 10-Dec-09 15:05:06

I'm with Mejon - Mali is a lovely name (isn't it Welsh for Molly?).

Mammina Thu 10-Dec-09 16:32:16

(waves back at mejon grin)

I like Dilys too, quite old womany but due for a comeback I think.

Ineedsomesleep Thu 10-Dec-09 20:21:25

Out of your list I like Carys (my niece's name-she's English), Elin and Luned.

My favourite Welsh name is Seren.

There is a Manon in DS's class but she is French. Didn't know until she started school that it was a French name as well as a Welsh one.

JingleAllTheWay Thu 10-Dec-09 20:22:38

Cariad? Have heard that used too

Tidey Thu 10-Dec-09 20:25:39

I know a Gwenllian, I think that's pretty.

Takver Thu 10-Dec-09 21:20:07

I love Eleri and Elin. I would have thought either would be fine in London (as would Betsan)

Sali makes me think too much of Sali Mali

Of others mentioned, Catrin is very very popular at least round here - though it is a great name.

MrsMattie Thu 10-Dec-09 21:22:24

Eleri is very pretty.

I also love Seren.

hanaflower Thu 10-Dec-09 21:24:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

releasethehounds Thu 10-Dec-09 21:25:54

I have a Cerys! And we're not Welsh or living in Wales, but we just liked the name.

It usually gets a lot of compliments, and we chose it mainly because our DD1 has a very popular name and we wanted something a little more unusual. Cerys/Carys are both getting more popular now though.

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Thu 10-Dec-09 21:44:40

I love the names you have already used

Other names I likw are


spiderlight Thu 10-Dec-09 23:32:39

My DS would have been Seren too, although it's become mega popular all of a sudden. I love Rhian/Rhiannon, Elin, Eleri, Catrin (Cadi for short?), Carys, Cerys, Sian, Anwen. I really like Gwenllian but it would be a pronounciation nightmare.

SantasBigboots Thu 10-Dec-09 23:40:57

Seren is lovely - 'star' in Welsh

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