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Baby girl 3 - welsh name needed!!!!

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prizeelliott Wed 09-Dec-09 22:27:28

Hello, this is the first time doing this... how strangely liberating!!
I am expecting our third daughter and need a name to match our 2 other daughters. As welsh speakers living in Wales we want to stick with the welsh theme we started! Any suggestions? How do some of these sound to non welsh ears? Don't want anything too out there in case she ends up living in London!!

Betsan.... Beti for short!

Not doing very well am I?!

Other daughters are Tesni Angharad and Nia Haf.
Just feel have dragged through all the names twice already!!!!
Is it just me that finds this hard?

ShinyAndNew Wed 09-Dec-09 22:30:36


Is Rowan Welsh?

sparklyrainbow Wed 09-Dec-09 22:31:33

Cerys is lovely, sadly no Welsh connections and it doesn't go with surname or I'd be very tempted. Friend has just had a girl with middle name Seren which she tells me is Welsh?

MadameMoe Wed 09-Dec-09 22:31:45

With your DDs name is like Elin best.

Like Mena, Cerys and Carys too. The only one that should be given a wide berth is Marged IMVHO.

MadameMoe Wed 09-Dec-09 22:32:12

DDs names

Fruitysunshine Wed 09-Dec-09 22:32:33

My friend has called her kids Rhiannon and Cai. They are both Welsh she tells me.

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Wed 09-Dec-09 22:33:07

Eleri is lovely, or Nia?

prizeelliott Wed 09-Dec-09 22:34:04

Thank you ladies... waw how quick was that - this is fab thank you!

jkklpu Wed 09-Dec-09 22:43:24


confuddledDOTcom Wed 09-Dec-09 22:47:50

I love Siân, it's one of my top names for a girl grin I had a midwife with that name and I know some others too, there are famous Siâns too so it's not too unusual to the English.

pinkmagic1 Wed 09-Dec-09 22:49:40

Love Cerys best but there are 2 in my DD's playgroup and we are not even in Wales so would worry it might be too popular.

confuddledDOTcom Wed 09-Dec-09 22:50:06

I love Siân, it's one of my top names for a girl grin I had a midwife with that name and I know some others too, there are famous Siâns too so it's not too unusual to the English.

mrsruffallo Wed 09-Dec-09 22:50:32


Mammina Wed 09-Dec-09 22:53:44

not keen on Betsan, Sali not really welsh, the others are nice, but if you're worried about pronunciation outside of wales I would avoid Marged and Luned. Also Mena with 1 'n' would be pronounced Meena.

pinkmagic1 Wed 09-Dec-09 22:56:10


Loujalou Wed 09-Dec-09 22:57:13

Neve - my friend told me that was Welsh and its lovely.

Bethan - not sure if its particularly Welsh.

Like Sian and Cerys from your list. Also Eleri is very pretty.

ChaosInCamelot Wed 09-Dec-09 22:58:18

Saw you on the Betty thread and mentioned there I like the Betsan / Beti combo. Also like Marged.

Agree that would do Menna not Mena.

exexpat Wed 09-Dec-09 23:02:44


mrswill Wed 09-Dec-09 23:08:52

Ffion or Mari?

SnotBaby Wed 09-Dec-09 23:11:31


Deemented Thu 10-Dec-09 07:32:05

Oh i love Betsan!! Also like Eleri, provided it's said properly.

What about


Thandeka Thu 10-Dec-09 07:37:16

Betsan sounds like a bookies cleaning firm. Sorry. I love Morwen or Morwenna but am biased as is a family name. But like most on your list too!

mejon Thu 10-Dec-09 10:53:10

Menna is with 2 'n's (waving at Migola wink).

I like Betsan - makes a change from Bethan and I would use Betsi as a nn. Marged is lovely but I would imagine she'd probably end up being called something close to Marj if she moved out of Wales!

Some others


It is difficult I agree - we have relations in England so had to try and make sure that DD's name was pronouncable to them so we ended up rejecting quite a few lovely names.

upahill Thu 10-Dec-09 10:55:47

Anwen was my choice of girls name. I love it. However DS says thank god he was born a boy so he didn't have that name!!!!

mumoverseas Thu 10-Dec-09 10:57:28

was going to suggest Angharad which is my DN's name but you already have that. Lovely name and congratulations on your third girl

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