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what are your children names' theme?

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tostaky Sat 21-Nov-09 17:43:30

Like for example, your theme could be "nature" and your kids are called "Ocean" and "Sylvian" etc..

Or maybe, your boy is called Joe, like your DH and your DH's dad etc..

For us, we want names that start with the same letter as the dad's name.

EvilTwins Sat 21-Nov-09 17:44:51

Theme? Um. No. Didn't do that.

RorysRacingMa Sat 21-Nov-09 17:45:27

Mine are biblical,

David, Samson and Lilith

dizzydixies Sat 21-Nov-09 17:45:46

not a theme as such but all 3 girls have long names that we use shortned versions of and 2 middle names honouring friends/family iyswim?

JackieNo Sat 21-Nov-09 17:45:55

Um, names we liked?

flashharriet Sat 21-Nov-09 17:47:57

Short - it really helps when writing Christmas cards grin

hippipotamiHasLost75lbs Sat 21-Nov-09 17:49:33

No theme, just names we liked. Ds's name had been a favourite for years before we even conceived him. Then when pregnant with dc2 we just made sure we had a shortlist of names which 'fitted' well / 'sounded' well alongside ds's name. But no theme. (although both names start with a (different) vowel and are 3 syllables long)

MrsVik Sat 21-Nov-09 17:50:28

Our first isn't even born yet - but her middle name will be Rowan. We're thinking of maybe sticking with a tree/plant theme for future children's middle names. Or maybe not!

nannynobnobs Sat 21-Nov-09 17:51:03

I have simple girls' names that are not fussy but not dull. Ella and Lola. I think they go well together.

CroftRusedski Sat 21-Nov-09 17:52:49

Well, it wasn't a deliberate theme, but I realised when dc2 was already named that they were both names of fairly recent British tennis players.

forehead Sat 21-Nov-09 17:57:29

OP please don't give your children names that begin with the same letter. My uncle has seven children and their names all begin with the letter F, which caused a great deal of problems when the children were growing up, for example accidently opening a siblings letter etc. My uncle actually ran out of names beginning with F and as a result his youngest SON was saddled with the name Faith.

Divster Sat 21-Nov-09 18:00:42

First 3 have A at end, next 3 have Y at end!

All mistake (the names, that is) wink

tostaky Sat 21-Nov-09 18:02:30

forehead Thanks but im planning to stop after three children! And there has never been any problems in our family with that "theme"

Christian, Charlotte, Christopher

Alain, Adrian, Astrid

Martin, Michelle, Max, Matthew

Bleatblurt Sat 21-Nov-09 18:03:04

Scottish Kings. Wasn't totally deliberate (2 are family names) but once the first two were named after royalty we had to do the same for our third. grin

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 21-Nov-09 18:04:19

My 3 boys have short, simple, 4 letter names, which obviously only have 1 or 2 syllables.

DD1 due in April will also have a short name - we like them. I find they sound clear when shouted in an emergency!

notagrannyyet Sat 21-Nov-09 18:38:33

Well mine all have saint's names smile.

Do know 2 families with several DDs who have gone with a floral theme.

busybutterfly Sat 21-Nov-09 18:48:37

Ours are royalty.

Wasn't a 'theme' as such, just names we like!

And no, DS's are not William and Harry... smile

bruffin Sat 21-Nov-09 19:01:57

Biblical but not intentionally

MrsJohnDeere Sat 21-Nov-09 19:03:15

Royalty here too. Wasn't deliberate, but they were classic names we liked.

Bonsoir Sat 21-Nov-09 19:05:29

The DSSs are:

Alexandre (Alexander the Great)
Guillaume (William the Conqueror)

DD is Flora (Goddess of Flowers)

We are a highly gender differentiated family...

SoupDragon Sat 21-Nov-09 19:08:08

Yes, my theme was names that I liked too.

rubyslippers Sat 21-Nov-09 19:09:06

Ours are the only names we could agree on

DD is called my favourite girls name though

GossipMonger Sat 21-Nov-09 19:09:08

short one syllable names for boys

if I had had girls they would have longer 3 syllable names

No theme as such

A woman I know has a Lewis, Lexi and Lily which is too twee for my liking.

ten10 Sat 21-Nov-09 19:11:00

our 'theme' was -
Traditional, but not too popular
with two syllables
and not ending in 'son' seeing as surnames has this ending

JANEITEisntErudite Sat 21-Nov-09 19:11:17

Rory - Lilith is gorgeous.

We have a vaguely Hebrew theme in that mine, dp's and dd1's are Hebrew names (purely coincidental) and dd2's is derived from a Hebrew name.

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