Middle name needed for Felix

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qwerty123 Wed 18-Nov-09 17:01:16

Having difficulty finding a suitable middle name for Felix - would appreciate your suggestions?

randomimposter Wed 18-Nov-09 17:07:06

Hard to know without surname but...


Good luck!

audley Wed 18-Nov-09 18:25:40

If our Barnaby George had been a Felix as planned he would have been Felix Jude. But he was too fat to be Felix. Jollster, your mn suggestions are almost exactly what we've got on our list for DC2...

GhoulsAreLoud Wed 18-Nov-09 18:26:17

My friend has a Felix Edward.

randomimposter Wed 18-Nov-09 20:55:54

well audley you have EXCELLENT taste!!!
I forgot about Jude.... LOVELY name.

what about Felix Jerome?

ihaveaheadache Thu 19-Nov-09 11:00:39

I love Felix Gabriel. I have a very short surname though so I think it sounds fab for that. (name for next baby on the way if a boy is actually Felix Gabriel)

MrsMills Thu 19-Nov-09 11:13:05

I know a Felix Francis, I love it.

christiana Thu 19-Nov-09 11:13:51

Message withdrawn

BettyButterknife Thu 19-Nov-09 17:06:15

Felix Henry was my initial response when I saw the thread title.

lololololol Thu 19-Nov-09 17:07:49


Horton Thu 19-Nov-09 17:15:25

James or George.

qwerty123 Fri 20-Nov-09 00:20:39

Thank you for these suggestions. It's my DH that's being difficult about the mn. It is so useful to get outside opinions. From those you all have suggested, DH and I like:

Felix James
Felix Edward

We had originally thought of Felix Sebastian but not sure if this is a bit over the top?

jasper Fri 20-Nov-09 00:29:17

don't know but Felix is a cracking good name

jasper Fri 20-Nov-09 00:30:30

Seeing as you are asking, I would go of for a strong plain middle name as Felix is on the fanciful side .


jasper Fri 20-Nov-09 00:31:36

I do think Felix Sebastian is a bit OTT . Shame to waste a great name on a middle name

qwerty123 Fri 20-Nov-09 00:34:15

Thanks Jasper. That was exactly our thinking - using a middle name that is much higher in the popularity lists, to balance it out.

qwerty123 Fri 20-Nov-09 00:40:07

Felix James is the winning combo so far.

rowingboat Fri 20-Nov-09 00:59:08

Edward is gorgeous. I really like Ted/dy for a boy.

jasper Fri 20-Nov-09 01:01:37

Felix James is a stunning combo!
Quirky and strong but not knobby smile

Initio Fri 20-Nov-09 11:26:40

I'm throwing in a vote for Felix John.

mathanxiety Fri 20-Nov-09 14:33:34

Felix Michael

qwerty123 Sun 22-Nov-09 10:24:23

Thanks Jasper. You really make me laugh! grin

mrsmindcontrol Wed 25-Nov-09 14:44:08

I have a Felix Martyn and I love his name, consequently it's impossible for me to think of any other middle name at all. No help, sorry!

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