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Biblical girl's names please

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estar Mon 16-Nov-09 16:49:11

So far all our children (and most of my side of the family) have names from the bible, because of the great meanings and inspirational characters. I have loads of boys names lined up, because there's loads of males in the bible but not so many females!

Esthers, Naomi, Lydia and Hannah have already been used in the family so they're not an option.

My absolute favourite is Eva but people are saying that's too popular at the moment (I don't know any in real life though).

Any thoughts?

lockets Mon 16-Nov-09 16:50:43

Message withdrawn

mathanxiety Mon 16-Nov-09 17:01:39

Sarah/ Sarai
Tamar/ Tamara

Eve is pretty popular; Evie is a nn for a good few Ev.... names so there are a lot of Evies.

dizietsma Mon 16-Nov-09 17:08:36

Here's a list.

I always liked Salome (pronounced SahLOWMiy).

nickelbabe Mon 16-Nov-09 17:10:27

there's Teresa (also known as Dorcas)

Dorcas is my all^-^time favourite biblical name, but i'd probably go for the Teresa version because it's less hmm


PandaG Mon 16-Nov-09 17:12:26

personally wouldn't choose Salome


I don't know any Evas, but do know a couple of Evelyns, several Evies and an Eve.

(work with children as well as having 2 of my own so know lots!)

estar Mon 16-Nov-09 17:32:09

Ooo, thanks for the link, that's useful.

I am a bit of a pain and fussy - probably won't go for Rebecca / Rachel/ Sarah - type names because they are very common, yet don't like ones that are too uncommon, eg Hephzibah / Salome.

I like names that most people have heard of and so know how to spell them, but are not too over-used.

I have also wondered about Tabitha - it's grown on me but taken quite a while to do so, so do I want a name that takes everyone a long time to get used to?

dizietsma Mon 16-Nov-09 18:02:40

I had a good friend called Tabitha, shortened to Tabby obviously. I think it's lovely, but then I liked the clearly unpopular Salome!

mathanxiety Mon 16-Nov-09 18:05:49

Tabitha is really lovely, imo. I know two, of different ages, but I don't think it's a name you'd come across every day. No trouble with spelling or pronunciation either.

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Mon 16-Nov-09 18:07:39

I love the name Keziah and recently met a Nolitha. Or what about Ruth - a sadly underused name?

catinthehat2 Mon 16-Nov-09 18:08:00


mathanxiety Mon 16-Nov-09 18:19:18

Lilith? Maybe a bit 'out there'.

somewhathorrified Mon 16-Nov-09 18:26:37

I thought Lilith was a demon name!

mcfee Mon 16-Nov-09 18:31:22


mathanxiety Mon 16-Nov-09 18:37:47

I think it is. She was regarded as responsible for sex dreams and believed to be eager to destroy infants and their mothers, particularly in the first week after childbirth. But would that necessarily put you off? grin

Actually there's more than one interpretation of the name. Rabbinic literature associates the name etymologically with the word 'night'. But it may come from Lilitu, a Babylonian storm spirit. There's also a Talmudic legend in which Lilith appears as a precursor of Eve, and she sought to take vengeance on Eve and her children.

So maybe not Lilith, on balance.

JoeyBettany Mon 16-Nov-09 18:41:55


Tis my sister's middle name and I've always been envious of it!

MarthaFarquhar Mon 16-Nov-09 18:43:40


stressheaderic Mon 16-Nov-09 19:05:56

We have chosen Bethany for if we have a girl in February.

It's a name both dp and I adore, and it has a nod to the Bible which is something I was keen for.

Strangely, we also have both agreed on Ethan for a boy, without realising they are essentially the same name, bar a couple of letters!

(I like names with a 'th' in, but Nathan was out as we are both N and I thought it was a bit cringey)

boodleboot Mon 16-Nov-09 19:09:08

how do you pronounce Sarai?

Tortington Mon 16-Nov-09 19:09:48

i adore the name Mary. I think it is beautiful in it's simplicity.

However i had a joseph so that was out of the question grin

i do like Ruth however i think if you have an ugly child ( some people have to let;s face it) it becomes an 'unpretty' name. ditto Martha.

RnB Mon 16-Nov-09 19:12:05

I love Mary too, Custy. So pretty

Northernlurker Mon 16-Nov-09 19:12:55

I think Mary is very underused and I knew a little Dorcas - very cute name!



mathanxiety Mon 16-Nov-09 19:14:26

I have heard Sarai pronounced Sar-EYE. I knew a Sari once, another version of Sara(h) apparently.

boodleboot Mon 16-Nov-09 19:15:01

doesn't dorcas just scream to have the NN Dork tho? that would really put me is lovely tho....perhaps you could do Cass as a NN instead?

BosomForAPillow Mon 16-Nov-09 19:18:37


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