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Need a middle name for Catherine

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TheBlairSnitchProject Fri 06-Nov-09 21:27:09

We've chosen to call DD, due in December, Catherine. No particular reason other than we love the name, but we cannot find a middle name to go with it that grabs us in the same way.

We had the same issue with DS, but then he was born on St Patrick's Day and as DH's name is Patrick and FIL has Irish parents and was pushing us to include an Irish name, it seemed perfect.

I'd like DD to have an Irish based middle name too but the only one I can find which I think is pretty is Aiofe (Pronounced Ee-fa) but DH isn't keen. We've also toyed with Catherine Emily and Catherine Elizabeth but obviously they're not Irish.

It wouldn't be the end of the world if we chose a non-irish middle name, the most important thing is that we find something pretty that we love...

Any help would be very much appreciated.

PandaG Fri 06-Nov-09 21:30:46

Ciaomhe (or however it is spelt blush ) pronounced Keev-a

or love Elizabeth with Catherine

or Anna

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 06-Nov-09 21:38:42


Does she need a middle name? I think Catherine is v nice and enough on its own.

kissyfurschaos Fri 06-Nov-09 21:38:43

Aine - said awnya or onya dependant on location

Maeve there is the irish spelling too but cannot remember it





Eamer (sp)

JeMenFous Fri 06-Nov-09 21:40:00

Jane - tis my name and works v well methinks grin

EightiesChick Fri 06-Nov-09 21:46:18

I like Aine but think it'll be too repetitive in sound to have Catherine Aine. You'll have to really emphasise the 'N' at the end of Catherine. I love Catherine Elizabeth and had this high up the list for a DD.

TheBlairSnitchProject Sat 07-Nov-09 08:35:59

More than one person has suggested Zeta

Unfortuneately, our surname isn't Jones.

Niamh is nice...

Still drawn to Elizabeth though...

sassy Sat 07-Nov-09 08:45:40

I have a Catherine Hope. Love it.

MaryBS Sat 07-Nov-09 08:51:39


pinkem Sat 07-Nov-09 08:53:31


WhatSheSaid Sat 07-Nov-09 08:53:40


TheBlairSnitchProject Sat 07-Nov-09 08:59:08

Sarah was on the list. DS has DH's name as his middle name and Sarah is my name...

We had Emily. Like Emma but it's the name of DH's Ex.

randomimposter Sat 07-Nov-09 12:06:41

Or Eilise if you like the Elizabeth link?

Or Roisin or Sinead.

All work well with Catherine.
Good luck!

noddyholder Sat 07-Nov-09 12:09:36


TheBlairSnitchProject Sat 07-Nov-09 13:28:55

Not Sinead - reminds me of a bald woman shrieking "Nothing Compares" ;)

May, I like and it's the month I was born which is a nice link but I feel like it's been done to death recently. DS has 3 little girls in his group of friends, 2 of which have May as their middle name!

How do you pronounce Eilise?

PinkyDink Sat 07-Nov-09 13:36:07

my dd's middle name is Emmy. Not sure where it originates from, dh heard it a couple of weeks before dd was born and we loved it grin

ciforjif Sat 07-Nov-09 13:36:13

My daughter is Katherine Ella.

kando Sat 07-Nov-09 13:39:53

Love Catherine Elizabeth, but then I have Katharyn (dd1) and Elizabeth (dd3).

kando Sat 07-Nov-09 13:41:07

that should have a smile at the end of it!! (And dd1 is also a December baby!)

TheBlairSnitchProject Sat 07-Nov-09 14:10:54

I know a little girl who's first name is Emmy Pinky. It's so cute

LaDiDaDi Sat 07-Nov-09 14:13:42

I thought this would be you smile.

Orlaith? (Or-la)

Nuala (Noo-la)

brimfull Sat 07-Nov-09 14:13:43

Catherine Margot

TanteRose Sat 07-Nov-09 14:15:27

Catherine Delilah - this just literally popped into my head when I read the title of this thread...

don't know anyone who is named this, so not sure where it came from but its rather nice....

Effjay Sat 07-Nov-09 14:16:39


TheBlairSnitchProject Sat 07-Nov-09 14:34:53

We've agreed to avoid the names of relatives as this is our last child so anyone we pick would be the only name we used and we'd be leaving others out.

DH's Dad's Mum is Ellen so then we'd be leaving out DH's Mum's Mum and both my Grandmothers - unless she became Catherine Ellen Nellie Jessie Audrey!!

We want 1 middle name as both DH and I and Ds all have 1 but 4 is definitely going too far

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