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pureeandpearls Fri 06-Nov-09 08:55:04

Which spelling and how popular is it???

Cies Fri 06-Nov-09 09:02:35

I'd go with Annabel.

Don't know any little Annabels round here.

jellybeans Fri 06-Nov-09 09:21:35

I prefer Annabelle. I know 2 school aged so not that popular.

diddl Fri 06-Nov-09 09:26:40


Don´t know any.

PfftTheMagicDragon Fri 06-Nov-09 09:30:20

We know one at school, think she is the only one.

I would spell it Annabel

MaggieMonday Fri 06-Nov-09 09:31:53

Do you want class or frill?

I'd go for Annabel. Annabelle is overegging the pudding imo.

I know of one child Annabel and two adult Annabels.

The child Annabel I know has a younger sister called Juliet. They go together very well.

Brightfield Fri 06-Nov-09 09:35:09

Annabel, although I much prefer just Anna.

Quite popular round here (London).

SixtyFootDoll Fri 06-Nov-09 09:37:14

None around here
Gorgeous name
Annabelle = a bit nouveau to me!

broccoliandchips Fri 06-Nov-09 09:37:43

Definitely Annabelle. Annabel reminds me of Babybel blush

ScummyMummy Fri 06-Nov-09 09:45:10

Don't know of any.
I like it.

mamadiva Fri 06-Nov-09 09:49:02

I know an Annabelle, only 1 I've heard of and she is 3YO so it's not overly popular at all although very cute.

Be warned though her mum says she has to correct people all the time because they take it upon themselves to 'nickname' her Belle hmm

bellissima Fri 06-Nov-09 10:34:07

Simple as possible. Anna. Somehow for me the 'bel(le)' bit just makes it a Tinkerbell top of the Christmas tree name.

And Belle an orrible nickname (and i should know!)

Now Isobel is nice. Never heard of an Isobel being called Belle.

thedollshouse Fri 06-Nov-09 10:54:59

If our little one turns out to be a girl she will be called Annabel. Annabelle is slightly too frilly for me and Anabel looks like you accidently left out an 'n'.

It is quite popular around here (I know of about 5) but it isn't yet in the top 100 names nationally which I find surprising.

MrsWoolf Fri 06-Nov-09 11:13:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

micku5 Fri 06-Nov-09 11:19:33

Prefer Annabelle

MaggieMonday Fri 06-Nov-09 13:14:23

I love Vivien but not Vivienne, Juliet but not Juliette, Annabel but not Annabelle.

Rein in the frill. Rein in the frill.

Brightfield Fri 06-Nov-09 13:25:11

It's not in the top 100 beacuse there are many different spellings. If all the spellings were combined it would be in the there somewhere.

Pinkjenny Fri 06-Nov-09 13:27:32

Annabel. I know 2, one is 2.5yo and one is 4yo.

pureeandpearls Fri 06-Nov-09 17:55:00

Thanks everyone....

Is it really popular in London Brightfield?

MaggieMonday -funnily enough she'd be Annabel/le Vivienne.....too much??!

MaggieMonday Fri 06-Nov-09 18:30:54


Annabel Vivien is absolutely beautiful, as is Annabel Juliet. Very elegant.

SOmehow the elegance goes though if you put in all those extra letters. Goes from elegant to frou frou in 4 extra letters.

Ladiesl Goldsmith and Sainsbury are Annabel spelt like that, and Camilla's sister is also Annabel! does that put you off!?

Annabelle is the more popular spelling in America though.

oldspeckledtam Sat 07-Nov-09 21:21:06

DH and I couldn't decide between Annabelle (my choice) and Anabel (His choice)

We settled on Anabelle as I desperately wanted the 'Belle' to honour a wonderful lady who had recently died.

We assumed we'd call her Belle, but she's always been Ana. She's 3 and I don't know any others. I've never taught any either!

Brightfield Sat 07-Nov-09 22:20:23

Yes it well used here. There are two in my sons' small school, and I often hear it out and about.
I think it would be in the 80s (in the stats) if all the spellings were combined.

That said, popularity doesn't bother me at all as most of my favourites are in the top 100.

Annabel def. the best spelling.

muminthemiddle Sat 07-Nov-09 23:49:18

Annabel definately.
I know 1.

moshchops Sun 08-Nov-09 00:02:18

I prefer Anabel.

Housemum Sun 08-Nov-09 00:20:55

One of DD's friends is an Annabelle - I'd only ever seen Annabel before. I think it's the French way of spelling it, which is why her mum preferred it. I think it actually looks better written down, the Annabel way looks too short somehow?

Be warned that Belly is also a nickname - my best mate at school was heartily sick of people calling her Bell or Belly.

By the way, I thought they had amalgamated spellings now in the lists, which is why names like Mohammed/Muhammed/Mohammad are much higher? And even if you think you picked a not-so-common name you can be surprised - I went for a name that was languishing in the 70's, but went to a small village under 3's group and there are 2 other girls with DD3's name!

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