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Naming confusion..............................

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homicidalmummymaniac Wed 04-Nov-09 16:58:34

Baby girl due soon. Sister is Alyssa Charlotte. So far the names we have as a shortlist are


Thanks in advance

boodleboot Wed 04-Nov-09 17:05:32

i like Violet best. My niece is Amelia and that is a gorgeous name too....we call her Mia.

displayuntilbestbefore Wed 04-Nov-09 17:08:21

All very nice names, I like Holly and Violet best.
Love Amelia but avoid if you don't want both daughters to have the same initial (confusion over post in future!)

mathanxiety Wed 04-Nov-09 17:18:35

Will there even be post in the future? smile I like Madeline, but they're all nice.

MrsWoolf Wed 04-Nov-09 17:19:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ILoveGregoryHouse Wed 04-Nov-09 17:21:27

Madeline goes nicely with Alyssa. I like Cate too but would go with the trad spelling of Kate. Actually, no I wouldn't now I've seen it written down. Cate is better. What about middle names?

Jamieandhismagictorch Wed 04-Nov-09 17:25:32

I like Madeline, Violet and Holly. They all go with Alyssa.

Actually, the only one I don't like is Olivia. I probably wouldn't choose Amelia to avoid having the same initial

cluccles Wed 04-Nov-09 17:31:06

Violet is my favourite, then Holly. Olivia is nice but very popular, so is Amelia. Like Madeline but not Maddy
Have a problem with Cate written with a C, don't know why!

henry37 Wed 04-Nov-09 17:41:59

holly i love,like madeline and amelia,dont like violet.

Brightfield Wed 04-Nov-09 17:53:35

I like Violet & Amelia.

RomanCandleJollster Wed 04-Nov-09 20:15:27

love Cate, and think sounds nice with DD1.

Think Cate Madeline or Cate Olivia (unless surname starts with D.... or B)

birdofthenorth Wed 04-Nov-09 20:25:30

I like Alyssa and Cate best too. Good luck!

PoppyIsApain Wed 04-Nov-09 20:26:58

I like Olivia

pranma Wed 04-Nov-09 20:50:07

How about Madeline Violet?

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