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Thoughts or suggestions for girls name

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lola0109 Fri 30-Oct-09 21:21:35

Hi all,

My DP and I are having difficulty agreeing on a name.

I like Elizabeth Ellen with Lizzie as a nn but he will only entertain it if Beth was the nn. I'm not keen.

He suggested Carys Ellen which I like but don't love. It is growing on me.

Ellen is family name, I would love it as a first name but DP refuses but has agreed as a middle name.

So any thoughts on your preference or alternative suggestions?


MustNotEatCake Fri 30-Oct-09 21:57:14

not sure why, but I think that names ending with an 'ell' sound flow nicely with Ellen, despite the repetition

Isabelle Ellen
Annabel Ellen

my sister is Lyndsey Mary Ellen

lola0109 Fri 30-Oct-09 22:00:16

Funnily enough Isobel Ellen was one of our shortlisted names, but it was the repetition that put DP off. I might try again with that one.

I should say DD1 is Ainslie Frances and if DC2 is a boy it would be Lauchlan James, just to give an idea of what we like.

thisisyesterday Fri 30-Oct-09 22:03:41

Frances Ellen
Mavis Ellen
Lucy Ellen
Tabitha Ellen

lilolilmanchester Fri 30-Oct-09 22:05:55

much prefer Beth to Lizzie TBH. Shame you can't agree on Ellen as first name. What about Ellie/Ellin/Elisa acknowledging the family name without using it completely? Or do you both want Ellen exactly as is?
I do like the Isobelle/Annabelle suggestions.

JANEITEPatrickNormanMcHennesy Fri 30-Oct-09 22:06:58

I agree with your dp that Beth is much nicer than Lizzie (and I say that as a huge Lizzie Bennet fan too!).

I would be tempted to put another name in too, if you insist on Ellen, to avoid the EE thing.

Elizabeth Jane Ellen
Elizabeth Joy Ellen for eg.

bargainhuntingbetty Fri 30-Oct-09 22:11:36

I have a Beth (not nn but actual name) and I love it lol it is getting popular tho which it wasnt when I picked it angry. Am liking Isobell Ellen for your lo tho

lola0109 Fri 30-Oct-09 22:13:57

Well Ellen isn't really the problem, it's more the surname that will go with Ellen, might sound like elephant, especially if shortened to Ellie.

And as the females in our family aren't the daintiest it would be really unfair to have a name that sounded like Elephant!

I had liked Libby as a nn for Elizabeth but our friends have just had a baby and called her Libby but just Libby, not short for anything.

Elizabeth is another family name so I quite like that but not keen on Beth at all!

lilolilmanchester Fri 30-Oct-09 22:23:30

prefer Beth to Elizabeth and Libby too. Funny how we all have different ideas!

audley Sat 31-Oct-09 17:55:04

Elizabeth is my all time favourite girls name, I think it is beautiful. I like Bess and Eliza as nn's

mathanxiety Sat 31-Oct-09 23:55:53

How about Eliza as a first name? It's a bit closer to Lizzie sound-wise. Or Keziah? I quite like Carys.

hattee Sun 01-Nov-09 09:51:12

Message withdrawn

jellybeans Sun 01-Nov-09 10:05:05

I prefer Beth. Carys is OK and Ellen is nice. I also like

Kati e

dizzydixies Sun 01-Nov-09 10:07:13

I think elisabeth Ellen is pretty

have you considered Lissie or Betsy as a nn - compromise by chosing something new for each of you

she'll decided herself later on what she wants to be known as anyway grin

lola0109 Mon 02-Nov-09 12:04:44

Oh I like Lissie as opposed to Lizzie!

I'm so tempted to go for Elizabeth and just see what nn evolves! My family are much bigger than his so I think I'll have the majority votes wink

I like Carys but not totally sure on it but I think he loves it. I'll see if it grows on me!

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