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Boy and Girl names for surname Lee. Please help

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favourforafriend Thu 29-Oct-09 20:13:07

My friend is due to have a CS next week but cannot chose a name that both she and her DH like and that goes with their last name Lee.

Need both boy and girl name ideas.

Any suggestions?

ja9 Thu 29-Oct-09 20:14:47


favourforafriend Thu 29-Oct-09 20:21:27

Thanks ja9 but I have a feeling they might not go for it grin

sweetnitanitro Thu 29-Oct-09 20:21:51

grin ja9!

I would go for something long

Sebastien would work for a boy.

OOOOOOOOOOOpsacoconut Thu 29-Oct-09 20:24:50

I have friends with Poppy and Eleanor Lee and for boys they had James and George.

favourforafriend Thu 29-Oct-09 20:27:44

Yes, I agree that a longer name is probably better as short ones tend to run into one word.

Lots of names she likes but when said with the surname just don't seem to work.

ja9 Thu 29-Oct-09 20:35:44

oh, shame. grin

how about..

nathan / nathaniel


pania Thu 29-Oct-09 20:37:48

What names does she like? Might help us find similar ones that do work with Lee.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 29-Oct-09 20:41:32

I know a Georgina Lee, that seems to go well. Can't remember the middle name, its Chinese.

And I know a Kieran Lee - from the Irish side of the Lee family grin - I do like that its such a trans-ethnic surname!

favourforafriend Thu 29-Oct-09 20:47:53

These are the Irish branch too Grimma.

She likes Emma, Emily, Holly - ily type girly names.

She has a few ideas for boys names although not decided yet but it is the girls list that is causing problems.

Esmee Thu 29-Oct-09 20:53:17

Harriett Lee
Imogen Lee
Tabitha Lee

Edward Lee
Henry Lee
Thomas Lee


Annabelsmummie Thu 29-Oct-09 21:32:11

I know a Quentin Lee.

With Lee the first name needs to be long enough (2 syllables) but NOT easily shortened. E.g. Will Lee, Tom Lee or Ed Lee don't sound great imo.

GrimmaTheNome Thu 29-Oct-09 21:35:34

>She likes Emma, Emily, Holly - ily type girly names.

ah. those dont really go with 'Lee', I see her problem. 'Emma Lee' sounds like Emily and Emily Lee sounds like a stutter.

Would something like Emma-Jane Lee do it maybe? (lacking inspiration but that kind of thing)

sweetkitty Thu 29-Oct-09 21:42:29

Abigail Lee
Imogen Lee
Bethan Lee
Charlotte Lee
Elizabeth Lee

Matthew Lee
Thomas Lee
Oliver Lee

BlueChampagne Fri 30-Oct-09 12:51:01



mumoftoomany Fri 30-Oct-09 14:54:32

I think with the surname Lee you need to consider all the possible nicknames of some of the names mentioned.

E.g. Ollie Lee, Jo Lee, Matt Lee, Ed Lee, Will Lee grin don't sound great imo. Neither does Henry Lee (too many -ee endings).

On the other hand Justin Lee, John Lee, Ciaran Lee or Quentin Lee sound lovely.

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Fri 30-Oct-09 15:00:25

Seb(astian) or Alex(ander)

Sexonlegs Fri 30-Oct-09 15:10:02


Erm.. this is harder than it looks!



BudaBones Fri 30-Oct-09 15:12:05

I know a Henry, a Sofia, a Martin and a Sam (female) with Lee as a surname.

lola0109 Fri 30-Oct-09 21:47:39

I know an Emma Lee! I actually know an Emma Lee(surname) and an Emma Lee(Middle name) Byrne.

I actually think it sounds quite nice.

Annabelsmummie Fri 30-Oct-09 22:27:50

But Emma Lee, especially when said quickly, sounds like Emily grin

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