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Belle Kitten

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CinderellaRach Mon 26-Oct-09 11:39:00

What do you think of the name Belle Kitten?I love it but I know it's not a normal name.If not I was goin to go for Belle Alexandra Grace-more traditional.Please share your thought many thanks xxx

TrickOrTreatersDragOnYourNoose Mon 26-Oct-09 11:40:15

God no. Unless you are a celebrity you may as well start bullying her now.

southernbelle77 Mon 26-Oct-09 11:40:54

Belle Alexandra Grace is far better imo.

The other name brings up images of cat toys, sorry.

BornToFolk Mon 26-Oct-09 11:43:08

Belle is lovely. Kitten is silly.

MrsBadger Mon 26-Oct-09 11:51:41

Belle Alexandra and Belle Grace are both lovely if not quite my cup of tea..
Be aware 'Belle Alexandra Grace' spells BAG.

Kitten is a lovely nickname but shouldn't be used anywhere near any official paperwork.

LetThereBeRock Mon 26-Oct-09 12:16:21

Go for it if you want her to become a stripper or a porn star. That's what it sounds like.

Belle Alexandra is lovely though. I prefer it without the Grace.

MRSwereWOOLFhasabroomofherown Mon 26-Oct-09 12:34:26

No, unless is really for a cat.

Miggsie Mon 26-Oct-09 12:35:51

If you think she is the kind of child who can put up with the class mewing at her for 5 years, go ahead,, really no.

Stick with Belle.

Biobytes Mon 26-Oct-09 12:36:37

Belle, maybe... kitten... not really, Belle Kitten??? forget it!

JohnnyYellowHat Mon 26-Oct-09 12:37:24

Belle is sweet, but definitely not with Kitten. Alexandra and Grace are both lovely.

Iklboo Mon 26-Oct-09 12:42:21

Who will Belle the Kitten (cat). Sorry, I don't really like it

CuppaTeaJanice Mon 26-Oct-09 12:49:20

Belle is ok, as long as your surname isn't End.

Kitten is that angry lesbian from Big Brother.

boodleboot Mon 26-Oct-09 13:02:48

Belle is lovely but more of a middle name i think rather than a first name.

like Eliza Belle...or Matilda Belle

qumquat Mon 26-Oct-09 13:15:36

Belle is nice. Belle kitten sounds like a porn star.

JANEITEPatrickNormanMcHennesy Mon 26-Oct-09 13:17:49

Belle is lovely but I prefer it as a nn for Isobel. Kitten is terrible imho - sounds like a Jamie Oliver name.

Isobel Grace is v nice.

Bumperlicioso Mon 26-Oct-09 13:38:50

Belle is lovely. Kitten is just mean.

mathanxiety Mon 26-Oct-09 14:04:15

Belle is a lovely first name, forget the Kitten idea.

KAEKAE Mon 26-Oct-09 14:36:54

I am sorry I agree with the others...drop the kitten...Belle is quite sweet though.

sweetnitanitro Mon 26-Oct-09 14:44:35

Agree with LetThereBeRock, it sounds like a stripper name.

Earthstar Mon 26-Oct-09 14:51:23

Porn star name

Doyouthinktheysaurus Mon 26-Oct-09 16:35:29

Kitten is awful...Belle is quite nice though.

lovelybubbly Mon 26-Oct-09 16:46:15

lol, best thing i've seen all day.

no never go with kitten, unless you want her to grow up & want to go & live with hugh hefner. belle is lovely though.

Plonker Mon 26-Oct-09 17:05:24

Kitty nicer than Kitten IMHO

Although I'm not sure that even that works with Belle though? Sounds too much like a description iykwim.

How about Isabelle Kitty? ...and use the nn Belle?

IControlSandwichMonkey Mon 26-Oct-09 17:08:01

Nobody uses middle names though. Kitten, Troglodyte, Candida, tis all the same to me.

LilyBolero Mon 26-Oct-09 17:09:27

Or what about Isabelle Katharine, which could then be shortened to Belle Kitten as a nickname (if you really wanted to do that.....)

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