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escaping the top 100!

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AnnieDelores Fri 23-Oct-09 14:27:04

I've pulled together a shortlist of girl's names for my baby and am trying to avoid the top 100..........although I think one or two might have sneakily snuck in! Honest opinions please as my head is now spinning

Annabel (Annie)

other ideas welcome too....but I'm wary of names that can be shortened to something ugly!


Mammina Fri 23-Oct-09 14:28:11

Clara, I love it

posieparksherbroom Fri 23-Oct-09 14:28:18


Bubbaluv Fri 23-Oct-09 14:30:20

Oooh Clara is fabulous.

Jamieandhismagictorch Fri 23-Oct-09 14:37:26

Clara, or Annabel at a push

MRSwereWOOLFhasabroomofherown Fri 23-Oct-09 14:39:50

Darcie with combined variant spellings probably would be top 100.
Dulcie would be safer bet. Annabel is nice. Clara is also nice, but I wonder if this will enter top 100 at some point in near future.

Dislike Bo, Drew and Emmy.

AnnieDelores Fri 23-Oct-09 15:22:22

Thanks for such quick head spinning rate has slowed a little. Looks like my first gut instict with Clara is a good one then. Just read that it was the most popular name in France in 2008 though which does surprise me! Any middle name suggestions? I'm thinking

Clara Mae Brooks
Clara Jane Brooks
Clara Maeve Brooks
Clara Alice Brooks

Any of those hit the spot?


Bubbaluv Fri 23-Oct-09 15:27:23

Clara Alice is divine!!
Am writing that down in case I get prgnant again!!

MaggieEsLaMejorBruja Fri 23-Oct-09 15:45:27

lovely names. all quite classic

Clara - love this one. Is it not in the top 100 though? I also love Flora
Dulcie - love this one!
Darcie - no, a bit slebby and unisex. Ok, but nms
Annabel (Annie) - lovely, love Mabel as well. Annabel with Annie for short is lovely.

I think Clara and Annabel are probably about 110-130, so they may be in top 100 in five years. Who knows though. What do you think of Juliet? same style. Is that in the top 100? Don't worry about the top 100 too much though. I think that it's fairly unusual to come across children with same name if you pick a name that is lower than 60 ish. my kids are four and 7. Never come across any child with the same name as them. Well actually,my son who has the more unusual name, we know one other who is older.

Bo - ok
Drew - ok
Emmy - for a boy?

Your boys names aren't my style. I like Marcus and Patrick which aren't in top 100

Mylittlebubble Fri 23-Oct-09 15:54:46

What about Louisa? A name you know but don't hear very often.

I wanted to avoid the popular names too wink

AnnieDelores Fri 23-Oct-09 16:27:21

Louisa has already been nabbed by a friend...and Juliet is lovely, except that woman in my office is a Juliette and she is more than a little bit irritating.....bad association there sadly.

The whole list was actually girls names but I can see now how some could be unisex. If it's a boy, my partner has already chosen Bobby so I'll let him have that.

What are your two called Maggie?

MaggieEsLaMejorBruja Fri 23-Oct-09 17:35:47

I was going to cat you their names, but you are set up to NOT receive messages!

Drew could be a cute nn for Andrea... wdyt? Definitely not in the top 100.

I love Bobby for a boy! That's cute. Would you put Robert on the birth cert? I only know of one Robert (who is a child). Quite refreshing. You get a nice 'urbane chic' name 'Bobby' and a solid classic with robert.

I know a very pompous Juliette! But I can just about get past it and recognise that it is a goood name!

Claudia isn't int he top 100 i don't think. dyl claudia?

AnnieDelores Fri 23-Oct-09 17:47:33

Ah. I didn't realise there were message options! Think I've sussed it now. Not bad after 4 hours sleep in two nights due to hacking tickly cough and no medication! I think I need someone to knock me out with a saucepan!

Yes I do like Claudia very much, and Claudie even. I will add them to the list. And yes we would put Robert on the birth certificate as it gives him a choice.

Feel free to message me..I just hope I can find out where they are!

HumphreyCobbler Fri 23-Oct-09 17:49:15

I have a Clara. It is becoming more popular, when I was pg I met three of them.

I love Claudia too.

MaggieEsLaMejorBruja Fri 23-Oct-09 18:07:41

oooh my cat facility has expired! hmmmm, might have to put another five POUNDS shock in mumsnet pocket. I'll message you later!

bellissima Mon 26-Oct-09 22:07:26

Clara. Definitely. but please not Mae. will just date her.

Flum Mon 26-Oct-09 22:13:00

I love Clara, it was my number one if DS had been DD3. I have met a few little ones though - mostly very middle class wink

cece Mon 26-Oct-09 22:13:06

I chose a name that was definitely not in the Top100 names for DD but there are loads of them around here! So no guarantee of exclusivity! DS1 on the other hand has what you might think was a common name and we have never met another one hmm

So go for a name you like is what I am trying to say.

BTW from your list I like Anabel best, nn of Anna/Ana

Flum Mon 26-Oct-09 22:14:21

Claudia was my second choice. Dulcie and Darcy were on there too. Don't like the others much though.

Lio Mon 26-Oct-09 22:15:36

Clara Felicity?

birdofthenorth Tue 27-Oct-09 17:11:22

Drew and Emmy are gorgeous. I think Darci/ Darcy was Top 100 a couple of years ago so you'd probably find a few in school in the years above her!

I like Bo a lot but I'm guessing you wouldn't get uniformly positive reaction to it -not that that should bother you!

Jamieandhismagictorch Tue 27-Oct-09 17:18:52

Yes, Claudia (and Claudine) are lovely

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