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More first thought associations please!

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Cortina Wed 14-Oct-09 15:11:32

Here goes, love this idea and some brilliant associations on the other thread:

Maud or Maude

Cortina Wed 14-Oct-09 15:20:03

And Annabella!

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 14-Oct-09 15:26:03

Tabitha - into horse riding
Celia - ringlets - Bonnie Langford lookalike
Samantha - child of the 70's/80's
Claudia - cool, lovely and a tiny bit posh
Georgina - tom boy (Famous Five) but still lovely
Leonora - ?? just no
Maud or Maude - sweet and quite cool
Mabel - as above
Jessica - no associations really - nice name, tiny bit dull perhaps
Abigail - plays lacrosse and awfully posh
Callie - wears really big gold hooped earrings from Elizabeth Duke
Lindsay - chubby girl in her 30's
Susannah - cool and friendly
Elodie - posh wannabe but will end up being one of a million Ellie's
Holly - ok
Poppy - cutesy/girly

tigerbear Wed 14-Oct-09 15:46:02

Tabitha - a cats name
Celia - Slightly older 'Aunt' name
Samantha- Boring, very sensible girl. Goes to Brownies
Claudia - Glam
Georgina - Quite sensible, friends with Samantha
Leonora - Eccentric
Maud or Maude - Old lady name
Mabel - Same as above, but quite cute
Jessica - Very average
Abigail - 70's name
Callie - Sounds like a name from Dallas
Lindsay - Dull
Susannah - Average
Elodie - Pretty
Holly - Cute, sweet
Poppy - Nice but too popular

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 14-Oct-09 16:29:07

Wow that's a lot of names!!

OK, here goes.......

Tabitha - Small & furry, whiskers, long tail
Celia - Plays the cello, a bit prim.
Samantha - Sam - Blonde, works in an office
Claudia - Into horseriding, all the boys fancy her.
Georgina - Plump and plain. Likes beauty treatments, always wants to play with your hair.
Leonora - Exotic and feisty. A bit of a wild child
Maud or Maude - Old lady sadly departed last year. She'll be missed by all her great-grandchildren.
Mabel - A bit of a card. Eccentric.
Jessica - Brother called Samuel. Lives in a Barratt home. Has a trampoline in the garden. Dad drives a Vauxhall.
Abigail - Whiney girl with a snub nose.
Callie - Dark bobbed hair. Brought up by single father. Likes drama.
Lindsay - Likes showing her knickers. Wears a tartan pinny dress.
Susannah - The third child of a well-off family. Private school educated.
Elodie - Bohemian and artistic. Goes to those groups where they waft a parachute about.
Holly - Born in June. Lives in a 'shoes off' home.
Poppy - Dark and pretty. Really cool clothes. Petite.
Annabella - Clumsy and unwielding. Likes a drink. Collects those creepy china dolls. Doesn't want children of her own.

TheDevilEatsBabies Wed 14-Oct-09 16:34:26

Tabitha - cat/ witch. i love it though
Celia - older lady name (middle aged) one of my best friends' names
Samantha - ooh, lovely (witch again though!!) means Gift from God
Claudia - cat again. sorry. it's very pretty though, but a bit old-fashioned
Georgina - i knew a girl from a rough family so it always feels common to me
Leonora - no. (i think she was a nasty woman in a film/tv show)
Maud or Maude - gorgeous, classy
Mabel - old fashioned but i do like it!
Jessica - amazing name.
Abigail - at least she'll have a rainbow fairy with her name. think nickname Gabby...
Callie - sounds like a nickname
Lindsay - common
Susannah - lovely, pretty
Elodie - is this one made up?
Holly - okay for a winter baby
Poppy - okay for a summer baby
Annabella - classy, but quite posh

NorbertDentressangle Wed 14-Oct-09 16:41:25

My instant thoughts:

Tabitha -Twitchett
Celia -too old fashioned, a bit wet
Samantha -too 1970s
Claudia - tries a bit too hard to be posh and glam
Georgina -tomboy
Leonora -fabric softener
Maud or Maude - quite like it, a grower
Mabel -Blue Peters dog or cat?
Jessica -too many around
Abigail _ditto
Callie - makes me think "made up name"/abbreviation
Lindsay -too 1960s/70s
Susannah - boring
Elodie - makes me think I misheard Melody
Holly - like it but a fair few around
Poppy - like it
Annabella -sounds like you can't decide between Anna/Annabel/Isobel/Bella

sarasusie123 Wed 14-Oct-09 16:52:28

Tabitha Cat
Celia School dinner lady
Samantha Nice
Claudia Stuck up
Georgina Nice
Leonora I was checked in at the airport by a leonora as a 12 year old, me and my brother couldn't stop laughing (lenor)
Maud or Maude Old ladies who smell of wee
Mabel More wee
Jessica Nice
Abigail was the school slag
Callie School slags mate
Lindsay School Bitch
Susannah boring
Elodie Lovely
Holly xmas
Poppy mt cat
Annabella miss perfect

Hulababy Wed 14-Oct-09 17:04:13

Tabitha - a bit sly or sneaky; cat like
Celia - elderly and very prim and proper
Samantha - a bit "common"; typist or secretary
Claudia - posh and bit "nose in air" type of girl
Georgina -tom boy
Leonora - a bit more exotic
Maud or Maude - pretty little girl with curly hair
Mabel - elderly unmarried aunt or cute toddler with bohemian type parents
Jessica - middle class, does ballet, goes to a good school after parents move to be in right catchment
Abigail - has a wild streak and needs behaviour watching
Callie - parents don't believe in full names
Lindsay - very average
Susannah - a bit posh, studious type girl
Elodie - wears clothes a bit too tight for her, usually displaying cleavage a bit too much
Holly - dark haired child, quiet, middle class, sensible
Poppy - loveable feckle faced young child with an impish grin

iwascyteenagewerewolf Wed 14-Oct-09 17:26:26

Tabitha - gorgeous, sparky, sweet
Celia - horsey
Samantha - stuck in the 80s
Claudia - classy
Georgina - nondescript
Leonora - smart, kind, could do with a haircut
Maud or Maude - artistic, has hippy parents, wears flowing clothes, prone to prancing
Mabel - ancient
Jessica - cheerful
Abigail - pleasant (I know one Abi who is beyond stunning though)
Callie - trying too hard
Lindsay - bad fashion sense
Susannah - best name ever
Elodie - parents once holidayed in France
Holly - small, dark, perky
Poppy - girlish
Annabella - has probably shagged Rupert Campbell-Black

mrswoolf Wed 14-Oct-09 20:24:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bellissima Thu 15-Oct-09 09:43:08

Tabitha - nose twitcher
Celia - quiet but intelligent
Samantha - smiling 70s hair ad girl.
Claudia - a fat name, notwithstanding Miss Schiffer
Georgina - was posh now getting shabby at the seams
Leonora - dark brown voice
Maud - maiden aunt
Mabel - so maiden aunt she's becoming trendy
Jessica - cheerful tomboyish
Abigail - party girl
Callie - nondescript
Lindsay - with Samantha in that hair ad
Susannah - posh and very capable
Elodie - in a Barbie movie with friend Aurelie
Holly - ubiquitous
Poppy - cutsey. will have problems getting serious job
Annabella - on top of the Christmas tree

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