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First thought associations with my list

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velveteenbun Mon 12-Oct-09 19:14:06

Please can you tell me what or what sort of person comes to mind with these names as need to whittle down the long lists.

Tallul ah

HeadFairy Mon 12-Oct-09 19:15:12

The only ones I like are Genevieve or Tara..

Don't like Chantelle, Melody, Tallulah or Jean at all.

franklymydear Mon 12-Oct-09 19:15:29

Melody - simpering
Chantelle - stupid
Delilah - why, why, why Delilah
Genevieve - really? have you lost your mind?

franklymydear Mon 12-Oct-09 19:16:00

Esmé - if you are not French it screams TWAT

franklymydear Mon 12-Oct-09 19:16:34

not the name, the name is nice

the é

oh looky at me, I have accented my child's name in a continental fashion

PoisonToadstool Mon 12-Oct-09 19:17:56

Imogen - alright
Scarlett - no
Melody - no
Chantelle - no
Delilah - like v much
Genevieve - I like it, don't get what's wrong with it?
Martha - like v much but getting popular I think
Esmé - yes
Tara - ta-ra love - no, too Cilla
Nancy - love it
Tallul ah - NO
Polly - yes
Jean - nice middle name
Molly - nice but popular

Jamieandhismagictorch Mon 12-Oct-09 19:22:15

Sorry, will be honest :

Imogen - posh, a bit twee
Scarlett - I used to like but it's a bit poular now. Would need a big personality to carry off this name
Melody - I like. Feminine
Chantelle - shoud be classy, but is a bit chavvy
Delilah - hmm
Genevieve - good name. Feminine but not twee
Martha - I like this. Suits all ages
Esme - I don't like this, though it's fairly popular here. A bit prissy
Tar - Nice. Popular when I was young, maybe worth a revival
Nancy - Nice
Tallulah - transexual name
Polly - meh
Jean - old fashioned but not yet cool. Cardigans
Molly - my cat's name. Good for a girl, maybe not for a woman ?

Tidey Mon 12-Oct-09 19:22:53

Imogen - bit posh
Melody - Too eighties and floaty
Chantelle - Silly moo off BB
Delilah - Biblical tart
Genevieve - Parents thought Jennifer sounded common
Martha - Scullery maid
Esmé - With an accent? Really?
Nancy - Oompahpah
Tallulah - Weird kiddie Bugsy Malone girl
Polly - Put the kettle on
Jean - Dinnerlady

But I like Scarlett, Molly and Tara. those were my true and honest first thoughts, and I hope I haven't offended you or anyone with DD's with those names.

hairymelons Mon 12-Oct-09 19:25:26

Polly Jean is v cool, as in PJ Harvey. Love Imogen, Martha & Nancy but maybe because friends have chosen these names recently.
Chantelle and Delilah...not good.

francaghostohollywood Mon 12-Oct-09 19:29:35

Imogen - I'm not keen
Scarlett - O'Hara, horrid woman
Melody - it is 80s, but I'm not against it, not sure why
Chantelle - NO!
Delilah - Why, why, why Delilah... a bit Tom Jones
Genevieve - fine if you are french
Martha - I love this name
Esmé - I love Esme.
Tara - Palmer Tomkinson?
Nancy- Fair enough
Tallul ah - It's Maisy's friend
Polly - had a dolly who was sick sick sick. I actually quite like it
Jean - Billy Jean
Molly - I like it.

janeite Mon 12-Oct-09 19:30:23

Imogen - I like this
Scarlett - I used to really like this but have gone off it a bit
Melody - this is one of the hippy/dippy names I first wanted for dd1 and dp hated - now I'm glad we didn't go with it
Chantelle - hate this, sorry
Delilah - nope
Genevieve - pretty but only if you have 'French Connections'
Martha- love it
Esmé -love it
Tara - no opinion really
Nancy - ok
Tallul ah - hate it
Polly - I can't get away from Fawlty Towers with this, sorry
Jean - don't like
Molly - ok

My favourite is Esme I think but I do love Martha - actually scrap that - I like Martha more.

tummytickler Mon 12-Oct-09 19:32:00

My first thought was also PJ Harvey (no bad thing - she is fab!).
Jean is my favourite form this list, it is in the top 3 of our list! I also love Polly, and Nancy is nice too.
Not keen on the others, possibly Tallulah s OK, but i find there are more of these than the plainer names like Nancy or Polly! But Lulu is a sweet nn.

stuffitllllama Mon 12-Oct-09 19:37:05

Imogen -- lovely, not attention seeking
Scarlett -- "Cawtnay"
Melody -- bit precious
Chantelle -- "Cawtnay"
Delilah -- it's ok despite Tom Jones
Genevieve -- Harrogate posh, mother wears labels
Martha -- hippy parents
Esmé -- older mother looking for different-sounding name without being attention seeking
Tara -- rabumdeeay
Nancy -- beautiful
Tallulah -- or savannah? take your pick -- grim
Polly -- no
Jean -- no
Molly -- everywhere

frankly your bullshit detector has been on fine form recently

Tillyscoutsmum Mon 12-Oct-09 19:39:14

Imogen - Annoying welsh girl off Big Brother
Scarlett - It probably would have been a bit "bratty" (as in O'Hara) but its my dsd's name and she's lovely so I like the name now
Melody - Horribly 80's
Chantelle - Thick reality tv contestant
Delilah - Why, why, why Delilah...Tom Jones
Genevieve - I like it - Gen nice nn
Martha - Really like it
Esmé - Its ok without the accent but a bit poncey with
Tara - lovely - makes me think of a willowy redhead for some reason ?
Nancy- Oliver - not bad though
Tallul ah - Jessie Wallace dd and Maisy's duck friend
Polly - Fawlty Towers - still like it though
Jean - Middle aged/old woman.
Molly - Quite sweet but a little bit dull

ConFuschias Mon 12-Oct-09 19:50:38

Imogen - nice, sweet child
Scarlett - child of parents who like to think of themselves as alternative, but aren't
Melody - Asian child
Chantelle - chav child
Delilah - feel sorry for child
Genevieve - nice, sweet child
Martha - child of New Labour middle class parents
Esmé - foreign child
Tara - meh.
Nancy - woman of 50+
Tallulah - - chav child
Polly - quite sweet child
Jean - woman of 50+
Molly - unoriginal

maureehair Mon 12-Oct-09 20:07:52

Imogen - stubbs, nice
Scarlett - o hara, bold, popular
Melody - 80s mel
Chantelle - chav
Delilah - nope
Genevieve - what's wrong with plain old Jennifer
Martha - servant, dr who
Esmé - super trendy becoming popular
Tara - meh
Nancy - nice
Tallul ah - lower class, see Chantelle
Polly - pretty
Jean - cleaning lady
Molly - maid, dog's name

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Mon 12-Oct-09 20:12:17

Imogen -like the full version but can't abide Immie (2 that I know)
Scarlett - lovely
Melody - nice but dim
Chantelle -NO
Delilah -No
Genevieve - like it
Martha - like it
Esmé - love it
Tara - tpt.. No
Nancy - cute for a girl not sure about as a grown up
Tallul ah - not for me
Polly - love it
Jean - my very boring great aunt
Molly - same as nancy

tummytickler Mon 12-Oct-09 20:12:55

Gosh - the Tallulahs here are really posh!

LoveBeingAMummy Mon 12-Oct-09 20:14:54

Imogen - imo (nickname not in my opionon)
Scarlett - love this name, o hara, my niece
Melody - hippy chick cool
Chantelle - big brther, chav
Delilah - my, my, my delilah
Genevieve - old scary lady
Martha - river phonix;s girlfriend
Esmé - nice, tradtinal
Tara - someone i worked with very nice
Nancy -my gran,
Tallul ah - my name is tallulah from busgy malone
Polly - nice girl name
Jean - old lady from work, everyeons aunty
Molly - little girl with curly hair - no idea why!

belcantwait Mon 12-Oct-09 20:16:56

like Scarlett, genevieve and martha. nancy also ok i think.

colditz Mon 12-Oct-09 20:18:05

Imogen - normal
Scarlett - o Hara
Melody - will get called Mel
Chantelle - fishwifey
Delilah - "So before I come to break down the doorrrr"
Genevieve - will get called jenny
MArtha - ok. Ish.
Esme - will be called Esmy by people who cannot help them,selves
tara - the name of a prostitute I know
Nancy - the name of the prostitute in Oliver Twist
tallulah - Dippy type name
Polly - Sounds like someone's maid
jean - Ick.
Molly - I like

francaghostohollywood Mon 12-Oct-09 20:21:36

<<LOvebeingamummy, I'm impressed, I thought I was the only one remembering that RP had a girlfriend named Martha smile>>

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Mon 12-Oct-09 20:22:58

Ok, you did ask.

(Disclaimer: All this is tongue in cheek but nevertheless these are my reactions)

Imogen - Future captain of the hockey team.
Scarlett - Future lead in the school play.
Melody - Dad was a wannabe rock legend but never got the breaks. Briefly achieves fame in a girl band but career is over by the time she's 22.
Chantelle - In the same girl band as Melody.
Delilah - Spoilt and temperamental child, regularly throws tantrums in Tesco.
Genevieve - Very quiet girl with blonde ringlets.
Martha - Coolest girl in the school. Becomes a Cabinet Minister.
Esmé - Fearless spinster who sails around the globe and wins a Nobel prize.
Tara - Charming girl who runs her own stables.
Nancy - Very clever girl who invents something groundbreaking and makes a fortune from it.
Tallulah - in the girl band with Melody and Chantelle.
Polly - Rather ditsy and never really grows up.
Jean - Very sensible woman who combines being a Brown Owl with running an accountancy form.
Molly - Amiable girl who becomes a primary school teacher.

sugardumpling Mon 12-Oct-09 20:32:28

Imogen-Stubbs, quite nice though
Scarlett-O'Hara, no.
Chantelle-vacant blond bird with large (fake) tits. So no on so many levels
Delilah- why why why? too Tom Jones
Genevieve-very medieval,but quite lovely
Martha-I like
Esme-I like
Tara-the name of a dog I know
Tallulah-Again Bugsy Malone, but I like.
Jean-that nutty bird off Eastenders, and most people I know Nans name

CuppaTeaJanice Mon 12-Oct-09 20:40:18

Imogen - Classically beautiful, good at art. Wears red every day.
Scarlett - Blonde and a bit princessy and spoilt by her pushy mum.
Melody - From a large, hippyish, musical family who all live together in a large farmhouse.
Chantelle - lives in a tower block, wears her hair in a Croydon facelift.
Delilah - her mum shagged Tom Jones after he picked up her knickers that she threw at him. Delilah's always been embarrassed about this and is quite shy and studious
Genevieve - A bit mysterious, but a bit bossy too
Martha - Size 22 and quite matronly. Wears hair in a bun. Likes making chutney.
Esmé - The sort of girl who seems really sweet and innocent but is actually a bit of a bike. Smokes roll-ups.
Tara - Rides her own pony. Has quite a nasal voice.
Nancy - A very sensible girl. Wants to be a nurse and always helps her mother. Very polite.
Tallulah - Too rich for her own good. Lives in a house with parquet floor throughout.
Polly - Plain-looking girl. Good at science. Likes collecting rubbers and bookmarks.
Jean - 60th birthday next year. Husband called Kenneth (not Ken) and 3 grown up daughters. Member of the horticultural society
Molly - Very, very long hair. Popular, but only with the strange kids. Walks with a bounce.

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