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Thoughts on my boy list please

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Salonly Sun 11-Oct-09 20:59:29

I'm pretty sure this baby is a boy. Typically we have decided on a girl's name and are struggling with boys.

The names we can agree on are

Finn (we have a three syllable surname, so don't need a longer version)
Angus (too Scottish living in England?)
Oscar (is it too trendy?)

The names that I love, but he doesn't are


Hulababy Sun 11-Oct-09 21:02:09

From your lists I prefer Finn or Oscar.

TheMissingLink Sun 11-Oct-09 21:04:16

Finn and Oscar are super popular.

I don't love any of them.

diddl Sun 11-Oct-09 21:04:38

Angus,Oscar, Alastair

AnyFuleKno Sun 11-Oct-09 21:06:05

Angus is nice.

I like the idea of Victor as it's very unusual but it's a lot of name for a small baby.

pseudscorner Sun 11-Oct-09 21:06:25

I think Angus is lovely, not too Scottish although it is unusual in England I don't think that's a bad thing.

I like Oscar and Alistair too.

Beanigan Sun 11-Oct-09 21:40:46

I like Alastair...although I like Finn also but what about Finlay?

katyamum Sun 11-Oct-09 21:43:33

I love Magnus. It was high on my list. There is a Victor in our nursery and the teacher calls him Vic which I hate. Angus is very scottish but it doesn't matter. Oscar is very popular nowadays.

Tidey Sun 11-Oct-09 21:46:26

My favourite is Finn.

Jamieandhismagictorch Sun 11-Oct-09 21:47:10

Hi Salonly I see Hector's out ......

I like Finn best.

pointyhat Sun 11-Oct-09 21:55:00

Finn is a good strong sound.
Angus is ok but not sure how it's seen in england
Not mad about Oscar.

I do like Victor.

Jamieandhismagictorch Sun 11-Oct-09 21:55:59

What about Evan ?

Ondine Sun 11-Oct-09 22:14:41

Finn and Oscar are so popular. It would put me off.

Angus reminds me of the steak houses, I don't think it's very nice tbh.

Victor & Magnus are my faves, very cool but classic.

Alastair is a more traditional classic but nice enough.

lisalisa Sun 11-Oct-09 22:18:42

I only like Oscare I'm afraid.

Salonly Sun 11-Oct-09 22:28:39

I do love Hector but was slightly worried about the posh comments; I don't want people to think 'who the hell does she think she is'. I think I prefer Victor to Hector anyway, so I knocked Hector off the list. 'Vic' is not nice but better than Hec!

I don't think he'll agree to Hector or Victor tbh anyway.

Finn & Oscar are sooo popular but I can't help but love them! They are so crisp and feel so right.

Not so keen on Evan, for some reason names that end in AN; Evan, Euan, Ethan, Dylan etc do not appeal to me.

Muser Sun 11-Oct-09 22:50:50

What about Alasdair instead of Alistair? I think that's a good crisp name as well. Must be the D.

I like Finn and Angus best on your list.

Megglevache Sun 11-Oct-09 22:59:13

I love all of them.

Angus has always been a fave of mine but dh hates it.

Magnus is by far the best and I seem to be meeting more and more. I think it will be the Oscar of 2012 grin

redhotredhead Sun 11-Oct-09 23:04:40

How about Frank or Malcolm?

Love Finn & Magnus not so keen on Oscar.

Angus is great - can shorten to Gus which is so cool north or south of the border.

doubleexpresso Mon 12-Oct-09 13:35:48

Love Magnus. Owen ? Hamish ?

Salonly Mon 12-Oct-09 16:53:36

Very pleased with the positive comments, especially with Magnus which was unexpected.

Have to work on DH with the bottom three...

PS Not so keen on Owen or Malcolm although I do like Hamish and Francis/Frank.

ChilloHippi Mon 12-Oct-09 16:56:18

Finn is a good name, and my favourite from your list.

Oscar, althoug it is a nice name, is too trendy now, I think.

Angus and Magnus are awful. I once knew a woman who had three sons called Angus, Magnus and Fergus. Frightful.

Alastair is a good, strong name that is underused at the moment, and Victor is a great name.

ViktoriaMac Mon 12-Oct-09 17:00:18

I love Angus and Victor.

MissingMyWheels Mon 12-Oct-09 17:03:10

I like Victor - particularly if you have a surname with three syllables. It will scan well.

ja9 Mon 12-Oct-09 21:21:21

when we had dd our shortlist for a boy was very similar to yours - finn, angus, zac. we decided to go for finn.... but if were having a boy tomorrow think my fave would be angus. i really like your first 3 names but not keen on any of your own 3...

ja9 Mon 12-Oct-09 21:22:16

(what's your girl's name out of interest? or is it a secret?)

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