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Anyone else feel sad that Chlamyida and Syphilis are STDs?

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FlamingoBingo Fri 09-Oct-09 07:53:17

What pretty names they'd make otherwise!

Tombliboobs Fri 09-Oct-09 07:56:12


MaryBS Fri 09-Oct-09 08:07:04

Not to mention Herpes...

ADragonIs4LifeNotJustHalloween Fri 09-Oct-09 08:10:19

I like Thrombosis for a boy.

FlamingoBingo Fri 09-Oct-09 08:12:39

I have actually met a Malina or two - shame it sounds just like Malaena <boak>

Thrombosis and Herpes both very good names.

herethereandeverywhere Fri 09-Oct-09 08:14:24

Take comfort that you can still use Candida (thrush)

Papillon Fri 09-Oct-09 08:21:33

They are all bit hard to spell... and would feel bit shamed to have to spell them out all the time! lol

LouIsAWeetbixKid Fri 09-Oct-09 08:26:16

I went to school with both a Candida and a Malina grin
Always though that Gonorrhea was a nice name. Very greek goddess...

GibbonWithAnAppleBobbingBibOn Fri 09-Oct-09 08:35:26


DorotheaPlentighoul Fri 09-Oct-09 08:42:19

Slightly off topic but I've always thought Latvia and Estonia were nice grin

holytoast Sun 11-Oct-09 16:23:40

so upset that Stella is a beer

Velvetbee Sun 11-Oct-09 22:51:34

Clitoris is pretty too

Squishabelle Sun 11-Oct-09 22:59:55

The parents of the Malenas and Candidas obviously had NO idea!

MrsMerryHenry Sun 11-Oct-09 23:00:25

I knew a Candida, too!

How about Vulva - something rather exotic about that one!

womma Sat 17-Oct-09 14:15:12

I think Latrine would be such a lovely name for a girl...

MrsFlittersnoop Sat 17-Oct-09 14:47:40

There's a character in Martin Amis's "London Fields" called Lillet...

MrsHappy Sat 17-Oct-09 16:41:23

I've thought that about quinella.

Mind you, one meaning of Amelia is "limbless" and that hasn't put countless parents off...

said Sun 18-Oct-09 11:36:02

Pancreas is pretty

ShutUpandDrinkYourGin Sun 18-Oct-09 11:47:21

diarrhoea (perhaps spelled differently) would be such a pretty girl's name

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