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i have come back to talk about builders and baby names

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PavlovtheForgetfulCat Thu 08-Oct-09 07:24:57

Here is my list, please rank in order of preference 1-4, or rate it out of 10 grin

Monty (Montgomery)
Laurie (Laurence)

All of these go brilliantly with both our DDs full and shortened name, and our surname.

EldonAve Thu 08-Oct-09 07:26:13

Monty (Montgomery) 7/10
Laurie (Laurence) 9/10

Kayzr Thu 08-Oct-09 07:27:51

1. Reuben
2. Laurie
3. Monty (Montgomery)
4. Gabriel/Gabe

PoisonToadstool Thu 08-Oct-09 07:27:57

Monty (Montgomery
Laurie (Laurence)

These are in ascending order of my preference!

Cies Thu 08-Oct-09 07:46:11

1. Monty
2. Laurence
3. Reuben
4. Gabriel

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Thu 08-Oct-09 07:51:23

1. Laurie (Laurence)
2. Monty (Montgomery)
3. Gabriel/Gabe
4. Reuben

eandh Thu 08-Oct-09 08:02:52


differentWitch Thu 08-Oct-09 08:03:40


MaMight Thu 08-Oct-09 08:20:19

Why builders?

MmeGoblindt Thu 08-Oct-09 08:35:33

Lawrence 9/10
Gabriel 8/10
Reuben 4/10
Monty 2/10

<sings Hotel California>

diddl Thu 08-Oct-09 08:38:13


Thissideofchannel Thu 08-Oct-09 09:22:58

I love

Monty (Montgomery)


Lawrence (Lawrie)

I don't like Rueben/Reuben because it is so hard to pronounce if you're not English (and Ruebe is carrot in German grin).

Rindercella Thu 08-Oct-09 09:25:32

Monty (Montgomery) 7/10
Laurie (Laurence) 4/10
Gabriel/Gabe 10/10
Reuben 3/10

3LegsandNoTail Thu 08-Oct-09 09:26:23

Laurie (Laurence)
Monty (Montgomery)

MaggieBehave Thu 08-Oct-09 09:28:57

Monty (Montgomery)- 7 I like it but my Dad would say, after general montgomery, very good, I have a book about him upstairs if you'd like to borrow it.
Laurie (Laurence) - 8 really cute but also classic. like it.
Gabriel/Gabe - liek it, but ....... prefer just Gabe on its own. Not Gabriel. Can you do that?
Reuben - love it... My dc1 was almost Reuben.

MaggieBehave Thu 08-Oct-09 09:29:49

Gabe -7
Gabriel -4
Reuben -9

BonsoirAnna Thu 08-Oct-09 09:32:26

Reuben 10/10
Gabriel 10/10
Monty 6/10
Laurie 1/10

liliputlady Thu 08-Oct-09 10:41:54

I like Reuben the best.

MrsVik Thu 08-Oct-09 11:30:54

Gabriel - 2/10
Laurence - 8/10
Reuben - 4/10
Montgomery 4/10

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 09-Oct-09 09:45:14

Oh what a mix! You have not helped at all! Well yes you have, in that no one name has been completely panned grin.

princessmel Fri 09-Oct-09 09:48:25

I don't get the builders bit!!

Not keen on any I'm afraid but I'd pick Reuben out of the 4.

overmydeadbody Fri 09-Oct-09 09:48:49

Laurie 9/10
Rueben 8/10
Monty 6/10
Gabriel/cabe 0/10 Horrible name

southernbelle77 Fri 09-Oct-09 09:56:44

Monty (Montgomery) - 8/10
Laurie (Laurence) - 8/10
Gabriel/Gabe - 7/10
Reuben - 6/10

What has it got to do with the builders tho?!! That might change things!

deepdarkwood Fri 09-Oct-09 09:59:43

IN order of preference (best first):
Reuben (partly because i don't think there's a good shortening)

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Fri 09-Oct-09 12:47:40

I left MN for a while, and came back to talk about baby names, and another thread about builders.

The builders bit was a red herring really hmm grin

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