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Still struggling with a middle name

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MrsVik Sat 03-Oct-09 17:52:37

OK. So we decided a first name in about 2 days... but we're really struggling with a middle name. Here are some option, please say whether you like or loathe!

Lucia Ann
Lucia Bronwen
Lucia Evie
Lucia Jasmin
Lucia Matilda
Lucia Rowan

All of the names have some kind of meaning for us, so are not 'filler names'. We discarded names like Marie for that reason, even though some sounded a lot better. What do you think?

mathanxiety Sat 03-Oct-09 17:57:29

I love Rowan; I think it has a nice 'ring' to it, plus it's a lovely name in its own right, imo.

LaDiDaDi Sat 03-Oct-09 17:59:22

I would go for one that starts with a consonant after ending on the vowel sound of Lucia otherwise they will run into each other a bit.

Lucia Matilda could work very well depending on the surname imo.

bellissima Sat 03-Oct-09 19:38:35

Do you know the middle names of any of your children's friends? Or your own? (unless you went to their weddings?). Prefer Ann, but really, I wouldn't agonise. Choose something that you have a family connection/regard for.

MrsVik Sun 04-Oct-09 10:43:46

bellissima - yes! Certain family members call me only by my middle name and always have done. Middle names have always been important in our family, and I always ask people what their's is/are. It's a talking point - sometimes the names are boring, but something you can find things out about a person which you never would have otherwise.

loler Sun 04-Oct-09 11:14:47

They all sound fine - but I agree that the middle name shouldn't start with a vowel. I prefer the names that end with a different sound too. So for me the best names are Bronwen, Jasmin and Rowan. All three are lovely - I would go for the one with the strongest personal meaning.

Good luck - Let us know what you choose.

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