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What does everybody think about the name 'Blossom' for a girl?

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blossomx Tue 29-Sep-09 23:16:46

What does everybody think? I love the name!

MrsBadger Tue 29-Sep-09 23:20:35


up there with Buttercup in the cow-naming stakes but not for people

(well you did ask)

twirlymum Tue 29-Sep-09 23:22:12

I remember the programme called Blossom - about a young girl and her friends. Early 90's I think.

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Tue 29-Sep-09 23:22:39

Makes me think of that program that used to be on Channel 4 - she had a brother called Joey and a mate called Six IIRC.

Blardy awful.

4SucksFake Tue 29-Sep-09 23:23:24

Can you picture a grown woman with that name?

'Nuff said

fruitstick Tue 29-Sep-09 23:24:17

Are you having a baby or a My Little Pony?

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Tue 29-Sep-09 23:24:17

Actually, I think it's a lovely name for a little girl, but imagine trying to qualify as a lawyer or become the Rt Honourable Blossom Smith (or whatever your surname is).

Can't you give the child a more sensible name and use Blossom as a nickname?

cat64 Tue 29-Sep-09 23:24:35

Message withdrawn

blossomx Tue 29-Sep-09 23:27:04

lol... lots of passionate comments! maybe i should use it for a middle name then. i love the name Gracie. Maybe Gracie Blossom?!

MrsBadger Tue 29-Sep-09 23:29:01

rofl at fruitstick

Grace Blossom is better

Cerened Tue 29-Sep-09 23:30:52

as a middle name, ok. ish.

LaDiDaDi Tue 29-Sep-09 23:33:11

Not as a first name. I hate sickly weet names for little girls.

moondog Tue 29-Sep-09 23:33:58

I like it.

blossomx Tue 29-Sep-09 23:36:49

fruitstick your mean!!! okay so maybe it is a little to girly girly, but thats me im afraid! maybe il stick to nickname for her and her middle name!

lavenderkate Tue 29-Sep-09 23:38:52


I like it.hmm

blossomx Tue 29-Sep-09 23:42:19

I know, but im not 1000percent sure on the name ... i just dont no what to decide, her name is going to be 'Blossom Gracie' an then obviously her last name. I just don't want people saying its sickly..... sad i need to be really sure i want to call her it, as she is goin to have it for the rest of her life!

MrsBadger Tue 29-Sep-09 23:44:09

you have hi tthe nail on the head there

she will be a sweet little girl for max 20 years and then a grown woman for a further sixty

be kind

LatinDAISYcal Tue 29-Sep-09 23:44:21

there's a thing about names..imagining the name in different settings like calling for them in public etc and if they all sound OK then the name is fine. Can't remember the other ones though.

but as you're asking, if I heard someone calling out Blossom at kids in for tea time, I'd imagine they had lost their rabbit or their cat I'm afraid.

Tortington Tue 29-Sep-09 23:45:28

its a horses name

Ronaldinhio Tue 29-Sep-09 23:47:52

jewish girl?

blossomx Tue 29-Sep-09 23:48:57

who says its a horses name?!! its actually in a baby name book, and websites so....

MrsBadger Tue 29-Sep-09 23:49:43

rofl at 'but it is in a baby name book'

lavenderkate Tue 29-Sep-09 23:52:27

Picturing the adult woman Blossom.

She is of rounded shape, short dark curls and rosy cheeked and has lovely west country accent.

Cerened Tue 29-Sep-09 23:53:43

when she hits 20, she'll refer to herself as bloss or something llike mags. or orchid. p ls not blossom. the closest diminunative is bloss. which is not attractive or sweet. and also sounds a lot like 'floss'. and in my book...anyway, dims are overated, things can always be read into them

MrsBadger Tue 29-Sep-09 23:53:52

but she blushes when she talks to men and will never ever be Prime Minister

in fact she may only be suited to farm work, jam-making or being a dinner lady

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