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Tinsley for a girl?

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Cortina Sun 27-Sep-09 11:55:01

I've always secretly liked this. Is it as bad as I fear?

And Rhett for a boy. Has anyone ever met one out of interest?

rubyslippers Sun 27-Sep-09 11:56:33

worse than you think

Rhett - nooooooooooooo

norktasticninja Sun 27-Sep-09 11:58:34

There used to be a carrot processing factory in the village I lived in as a child called Tinsley's...

Tinsley, isn't it a run down area of Sheffield?

Don't like it or Rhett.

brimfull Sun 27-Sep-09 11:59:15

both awful

never heard of tinsley

norktasticninja Sun 27-Sep-09 11:59:54

Rhett is awful too.

pointydoug Sun 27-Sep-09 12:00:41

not good. Even christabel is better

BrigitBigKnickers Sun 27-Sep-09 12:02:56

Noooooo-Sounds like the surname of a surley old Yorkshire farmer.

Rhett- don't give a damn about that one either!

MrsBlennerhasset Sun 27-Sep-09 12:12:33

is it for a christmas baby?

MrsBlennerhasset Sun 27-Sep-09 12:13:10

or Baubley for a boy?

Cortina Sun 27-Sep-09 12:31:14

LOL at Baubley! There's a fashion editor or similar called Tinsley Mortimer. In my head it sort of falls under an 'American chic' category.

beryljinker Sun 27-Sep-09 13:31:06

I actually kind of like the name Tinsley.

Not Rhett though - sounds too American jock.

NoBiggy Sun 27-Sep-09 13:32:31

Isn't Tinsley a railway yard?

PandaG Sun 27-Sep-09 13:33:24

really don't like either - sorry. Tinsley is a run down part of Sheffield.

stepaway Sun 27-Sep-09 13:33:48

OP, I'm going to assume this is a joke. But on the off-chance that is not... Tinsley is on the outskirts of Sheffield/Rotherham. Not to be too rude to the good folks of Tinsley but you probably don't want to name your child by the same name.

NoBiggy Sun 27-Sep-09 13:36:51

Tinsley Yard

stepaway Sun 27-Sep-09 13:38:39

or the Tinsley Viaduct...

Cortina Sun 27-Sep-09 14:08:13

I didn't know it was a part of Sheffield! Don't tell Tinsley Mortimer!

stepaway Sun 27-Sep-09 14:28:31

to be fair, Cortina, in the US it would be fine as a name!

janeite Sun 27-Sep-09 14:29:46

It's absolutely dreadful. Sorry but you did ask! Rhett is also terrible.

valbona Sun 27-Sep-09 14:40:27

rhett butler should stay unique IMHO

TwilightSurfer Sun 27-Sep-09 15:03:40

I love Tinsley for a girl. I almost named my oldest daughter that. Instead I named her Kinsley (has slight roots meaning family). Oddly enough though, she's pronounced Kinsley TINSLEY for years (she's only 5). I say go for it!

StayFrosty Sun 27-Sep-09 15:07:41

I am from Sheffield and would just assume you had conceived under the Tinsley viaduct and were a right classy bird.

stepaway Sun 27-Sep-09 15:08:51

StayFrosty - that made me almost splutter my coffee over the keyboard. classic!!

StayFrosty Sun 27-Sep-09 17:05:22


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