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Middle name for Eve

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wicks Thu 24-Sep-09 12:29:55

Our girl's name choice is definitely Eve but we are struggling for a middle name. I want a longer name as it's such a short first name(maybe 3 syllables?) and maybe a bit fancier.

If DS had been a girl he would have been called Eve Eliza (which is 3 syllables but isn't that "fancy") but thankfully he wasn't as it was only afterwards that someone pointed out that Eve Eliza sounds like "Evil Eyes" - lucky escape there!

I've just fallen into a similar trap with my suggestion of Anjelica (it's just dawned on me that it sounds like "Evangelical" or similar! Maybe only an option if we had a career as a preacher in mind!).

My current favourites are - Miranda and Seraphina. DP likes Persephone but whilst I think it's pretty, I also think it's super pretentious (though maybe Seraphina is too actually!), will be mispronounced and doesn't have the best connotations. I've just read a thread on this name, the reactions on which cemented this view!

Any good ideas - as I say, ideally 3 syllables.

DS is called Harry Clement (after DP's grandad and my grandad). Love the name Clementine but can't use it again!

We are struggling much more for a boy's name - but that's a whole other story.....

booboobeedoo Thu 24-Sep-09 12:35:01

My old collegue was Eve Elodie which I thought was gorgeous. (she did pronounce Eve the french way "airve" though).

MrsVik Thu 24-Sep-09 13:43:02

Matilda, Annabel, Josephine, Cosima, Carina...

jellybeans Thu 24-Sep-09 14:55:30


Danie lla

BlueChampagne Thu 24-Sep-09 15:16:16

Eve is a lovely name, and I think you're right to consider something a bit more elaborate as a second name. How about:


I like Miranda and Francesca too.

wicks Thu 24-Sep-09 15:57:35

Thanks for the suggestions. Some good ones there. I don't think we can go with Angelica, jellybeans - due to the "evangelical" combo of the 2 names.
I like Matilda, Meredith and Seraphina. DP would love Stephanie (one of his fave girls names ever - largely because it's the first girl he fancied) -but it sounds bit 70s to me.
I love Lydia and Honor - but don't think they flow that well with Eve. Hmm.

LedodgyDailyMailstinksofpoo Thu 24-Sep-09 15:59:08

We have an Eve Mary.

londonlottie Thu 24-Sep-09 16:23:30

Message withdrawn

wicks Thu 24-Sep-09 16:32:09

I LOVE Mary and Ophelia. Have considered both. LondonLottie - I hadn't thought of the "philia" aspect, but that's a good point.

My faves are still Miranda and Seraphina - just need to work on DP.

I agree - definitely just Eve from my point of view (not so keen on Ava or Eva). I think DP and others will use the nn Evie - which I don't mind, but I prefer Eve.

loobylu3 Thu 24-Sep-09 19:31:37

My favourite combo' with Eve would be Eve Cecilia. Also love Eve Francesca and Eve Miranda.

Persephoponce Thu 24-Sep-09 19:41:46

Eve Cecilia is lovely. Seraphina is nice, not so keen on Miranda as a name at all, really.

Eve Elizabeth
Eve Penelope
Eve Rebecca
Eve Jessamine
Eve Octavia
Eve Lillian
Eve Delphine
Eve Ursula
Eve Claribel
Eve Ottilie
Eve Tabitha
Eve Clementine

wicks Thu 24-Sep-09 21:52:52

Cecilia is lovey - close friend has got a little girl called Cecily though - bit too similar.

If we hadn't already used Clement for DS's middle name then we'd go for Clementine.

Do you this Eve Verity is too many "Vs"?

wicks Thu 24-Sep-09 21:54:07

Cecilia is lovey - close friend has got a little girl called Cecily though - bit too similar.

If we hadn't already used Clement for DS's middle name then we'd go for Clementine.

Do you think Eve Verity is too many "Vs"?

loobylu3 Thu 24-Sep-09 22:53:20

I think you could still use Cecilia even if your friend has a Cecily. (I have one too)! I wouldn't be in the least bit upset if I was your friend.

wicks Fri 25-Sep-09 22:29:59

I guess so Looby - but I think we'll avoid it.

Eve Madeleine?
Eve Verity? (too many "V"s though?)

Don't even get me started on boys names!

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