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Sister for Katie Rose - Carly Iris??

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pogleswife Tue 22-Sep-09 22:18:27

Have one dd Katie Rose. Dd 2 due any time. Consensus on ' Carly Iris ' please? Have gone off previous choice of Susannah ( put off by all three sons' reactions tbh)( but think we all like Carly)

purplepansy Wed 23-Sep-09 09:40:33

Quite similar to Katie? I like Susannah more - Suzy?

gagamama Wed 23-Sep-09 10:29:26

I think Carly is a bit dated, especially compared to Katie which is timless.

I picture a 'Carly' to be in her early twenties with a penchant for brightly coloured nail varnish, deely boppers and Bacardi. If that helps.

gagamama Wed 23-Sep-09 10:29:54

Iris is lovely though. Maybe Carla?

nigglewiggle Wed 23-Sep-09 10:32:17

I agree that Katie and Carly sound too similar. I think Iris is beautiful, why not use that.

belgo Wed 23-Sep-09 10:32:45

I read that as 'Curly Iris'.

So no.

What about Charlotte Iris?

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