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Sister for Katie Rose - Carly Iris??

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pogleswife Tue 22-Sep-09 22:16:34

Have one dd Katie Rose. Dd 2 due any time. Consensus on ' Carly Iris ' please? Have gone off previous choice of Susannah ( put off by all three sons' reactions tbh)( but think we all like Carly)

bigchris Tue 22-Sep-09 22:17:57

I like it, not popular or too common

cece Tue 22-Sep-09 22:21:13

Seems fine but I quite like Cally too.

pogleswife Tue 22-Sep-09 22:21:36

thanks! ( seem to have created two threads btw
sorry)Good to have a positive first response

pippel Tue 22-Sep-09 22:24:06

I like Carly, its a name everybody knows but there wont be 7 in her class so she wont be Carly A or what ever.

Not keen on Iris.

MadBadandCoveredinSequins Tue 22-Sep-09 22:26:34

Just to be contrary ... I like Iris but not Carly. But follow your instinct and don't listen to an old trout on the internet.

cheesesarnie Tue 22-Sep-09 22:27:44

carly iris screams billy ray cyrus at megrin no idea why!<i need sleep>

i love carly(my sister) and love iris,just not together.

pogleswife Tue 22-Sep-09 22:28:16

Not too sure about Iris myself tbh. Love the flower though, and the meaning. Any suggestions gratefully accepted; think we will go with Carly though. Thanks

cheesesarnie Tue 22-Sep-09 22:30:16

my sis is carly yvonne(not to everyones taste so say its pants if you think!)

mrswoolf Tue 22-Sep-09 22:43:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dizzydixies Tue 22-Sep-09 22:48:28

not too keen on Carly either - reminds me of the girl with the HUGE face on Home and Away a million years ago grin

love Iris though smile

FimboFortuna Tue 22-Sep-09 23:01:14

Not keen on Carly.


bumpybecky Tue 22-Sep-09 23:06:53

I like Carly, but Katie and Carly are quite hard to say as a pair of names.

TotalChaos Tue 22-Sep-09 23:23:21


pogleswife Wed 23-Sep-09 07:34:42

Thanks for all the comments. I know what you mean about "katie and Carly". but there'll be an Andrew in between? Carly Dawn??

Luxmum Wed 23-Sep-09 08:36:17

I LOVE Clara. I think it's much classier and sweet than Carly, which is nice, btu also a bit um... oh, i cant define it, I just prefer Clara. Iris is ok, or there are lots of other floral names out there - Ivy, Heather, Briony, or Bethany.
I'm utterly stuck on my DD name, so good luck with yours.

pippel Wed 23-Sep-09 08:36:17

I think it needs a long middle name like Carly Josephine or Carly Elizabeth

Botbot Wed 23-Sep-09 08:52:55

I think Carly is a bit 'of its time' - I know a few in their late 20s so it must have been popular in the early 80s. But it's actually quite pretty and probably ripe for revival. Love Iris.

pogleswife Wed 23-Sep-09 19:39:06

Thanks all - especially pippel, because that's perfect: Carly Elizabeth it is! ( or will be ...)

pippel Wed 23-Sep-09 21:28:10


pogleswife Tue 06-Oct-09 14:19:28

She's here (smile) ! Three days old and l
ovely. All well. Went off Carly last minute
when heard it was name of tv programme( 'I Carly'? I think it was. ) So, she's Carolyn Elizabeth.

Jamieandhismagictorch Tue 06-Oct-09 14:57:29

That's lovely. Congratulations !

mrswoolf Tue 06-Oct-09 15:05:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alishanty Tue 06-Oct-09 15:13:50

Carly Iris. Think it goes well with your other dd's name. A few years ago I would have said no to Carly as it was quite common but haven't heard of one for ages.

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