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Is Ethan a naughty boy's name? Or other connotations?!

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Minicooper Fri 18-Sep-09 19:35:27

Finally found a boy's name dh and I both like - no mean feat, I can assure you! But searching previous comments on here I get the impression there's a certain 'type.' Don't know any in RL and didn't want to lumber a child with something unintended! What are the Ethan's like you know? I gather its gaining popularity, so there must be some out there!!!


differentID Fri 18-Sep-09 19:39:13

I tend to hear Ethan shouted with Taya, Demi and Jayden.
it's not so much the children so named I don't like, it's the adults with them.

Tidey Fri 18-Sep-09 19:41:46

I think it's a nice name, there's a very sweet boy at DS's school called Ethan.

Not really relevant, but my MIL is related to an Ethan and can never remember how to say it and refers to him as Ethane all the time grin

TheWiltedRose Fri 18-Sep-09 19:45:20

Well ds1 is called ethan and hes a lovely sweet funny boy and as far as i know im not one of "those" parents hmm

Milliways Fri 18-Sep-09 19:45:47

I love Ethan!

First time I heard it was on the American TV series "Thirtysomething" and thought it was sophisticated!

Never associated it with "Naughty" boys (They are all called Aaron here grin )

Minicooper Fri 18-Sep-09 19:46:42

Lol Tidey - like the methane connection! Hmmm, ID, don't know any kids with those names either, obviously don't move in the right circles!

harrisonnnn Fri 18-Sep-09 19:47:58

I don't have anughty boy conotations for Ethan, and I'm a teacher! Nathan on the other hand, there's a naughty boy name grin

Minicooper Fri 18-Sep-09 19:48:23

Yay! More in favour! Keep 'em coming! Wilted Rose glad to hear other parents like the name who aren't like 'those parents!'

Minicooper Fri 18-Sep-09 19:49:42

Thanks, Harrisonnn - I'm a teacher too, but have taught girls for years, so out of touch with boys names and their little characters! Am very opinionated on girls names though grin

TheWiltedRose Fri 18-Sep-09 19:49:48

When i picked it it wasnt really heard of much but its become more and more popular every year!

Minicooper Sat 19-Sep-09 07:45:59

Wilted Rose - think its about no 15 in the popularity charts now - so have no idea how I haven't met any!

5inthebed Sat 19-Sep-09 07:48:56

I know two Ethans. One is adorable, the other is a little horror. Both opposite ends of the scale.

Now Daniel......there is a naughty named child if ever I heard one.

RumourOfAHurricane Sat 19-Sep-09 08:02:24

Message withdrawn

purepurple Sat 19-Sep-09 08:11:28

I know an Ethan, he is really sweet and certainly not naughty
In the 20 years I have been working with children he is the only one I have come acress.

FiveGoMadonTheDanceFloor Sat 19-Sep-09 08:16:03

I know an Ethan, very hard working and nice young man, parents very hard workers.

mrsflowerpot Sat 19-Sep-09 08:25:31

i know 2 lovely Ethans - no naughty connotations here. It is getting more popular - one of those names that feels a bit different when you pick it but as your child grows up you realise it's not quite as unusual as you thought maybe (ds has one of those too!).

Yorky Sat 19-Sep-09 08:26:08

The Ethan I know is a lovely boy, always so positive and cheerful, but tends to say things as he sees them, eg I can't believe you're having a birthday Daddy, you're already old!

I wouldn't think of it as a naughty name - Ryan is one which makes me think that and its not even because I knew one at school or anythinghmm

Nancy66 Sat 19-Sep-09 08:49:05

I would have to agree wth differentID - it has chavvy associations for me.

MANATEEequineOHARA Sat 19-Sep-09 09:00:14

Never thought of Ethan as chavvy, I think it is a lovely name! I have only ever known one, and he was very sweet.

sockmonkey Sat 19-Sep-09 09:09:33

I know two Ethans (one 9 one 6), they are both clever, popular boys and from lovely families.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Sat 19-Sep-09 09:14:05

Would really like it if it didn't remind me of 'Lost' <shiver> grin.

No, really, it's lovely.

teamcullen Sat 19-Sep-09 09:26:15

I wanted an ethan, but dh wouldnt agree so we got a nathan instead.

My niece had a baby at 16 and she called him ethan. He is a lovely little boy. He has a beatiful personality and very well mannered. Mainly due to his mum being such a good mum, and his dad still being a big part in his life, (even if he is being an arse to DN).

Minicooper Sat 19-Sep-09 09:37:32

Thanks ladies grin Definitely more pluses than minuses here, which is what I wanted to hear! Obviously there will be a few horrors with any name - that's life, but on balance, I'm getting more and more convinced!

Mrs Flowerpot, I agree with your diagnosis - we gave dd one of those names too - not even in the top 50 when we picked it 2 years ago, but increasingly popular now Still love it though!

scotagm Sat 19-Sep-09 22:11:13

I wanted Ethan for first DS - Dp not keen so then suggested Nathan. Still not keen. Ended up with Archie which we love. Am putting Nathan back on any ds2 shortlist!

Dp has a ruse - he is a teacher and any name he doesn't like he simply says " I teach loads of those and they are all awful" I quickly saw through this!!

differentID Sun 20-Sep-09 21:46:06

sorry shiney- no insult intended at all! but when you get referred to as a see-you-next-tuesday because you won't give them something they are not entitled to, it does tend to colour your view of someone.

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