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athena / isaac / kane

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purplesocks Thu 17-Sep-09 15:05:14

what do people think?

littlemisslozza Thu 17-Sep-09 15:21:55

Athena - not sure..... certainly unusual, don't feel strongly about it.

Isaac - know a lovely little boy with this name so I like it.

Kane - as a teacher I can't think of a single one who isn't a naughty boy, sorry!

nlo Thu 17-Sep-09 15:32:11

All of the Kanes that I have come across (also as a teacher) have been naughty!

Isaac is a beautiful name.

diddl Thu 17-Sep-09 15:37:04

Don´t like Kane.

TaylorSwift Thu 17-Sep-09 15:42:15

Athena - very Greek; lovely

Kane - awful, chavtastic

isaac - pretty common in yummy mummy London circles but a lovely name all the same

sweetnitanitro Thu 17-Sep-09 15:56:21

Athena is OK, but not to my taste because it is so unusual. It makes me think of the shop but I don't think the next generation will make that connection.

Kane is bleugh, hate it.

Isaac is lovely.

Scorps Thu 17-Sep-09 15:57:03

No to Kane

Common and he killed his brother in the Bible (Cain)

bess23 Thu 17-Sep-09 16:26:02

Love Isaac its a top choice for me. Kane sorry I also think its chav.

Fimbo Thu 17-Sep-09 16:27:21

Dislike Kane.

Isaac is best.

southernbelle77 Thu 17-Sep-09 18:03:58

Isaac is best for me.

Kane is just horrible, sorry!

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