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eva or alana?

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madremia09 Thu 17-Sep-09 14:12:40

which one would you pick,how nice/hideous do you think they are?
thank you!

madremia09 Thu 17-Sep-09 14:13:32

no idea why this has gone on twice.apologies!

Tidey Thu 17-Sep-09 14:14:21

Is it pronounced 'A-lay-na' or 'A-lah-na'?

I think I prefer Eva, but they are both nice.

elsiepiddock Thu 17-Sep-09 14:16:29

Not liking Alana - like Eva

thighsmadeofcheddar Thu 17-Sep-09 14:17:09

Both pretty, but I prefer Eva

MrsBadger Thu 17-Sep-09 14:17:52


Eva more likely to be pronounced and spelt right but tbh I don;t like either

madremia09 Thu 17-Sep-09 14:18:00

yeh my instinct is saying eva..........

madremia09 Thu 17-Sep-09 14:18:47

just ideas though......

MrsJohnDeere Thu 17-Sep-09 14:20:35

Prefer Eva

Fimbo Thu 17-Sep-09 14:21:13

Prefer Eva but having said ds has two A-lah-na's in his class!

southernbelle77 Thu 17-Sep-09 14:32:26

Prefer Eva but it is also very popular in these parts so would probably go with Alana (A-lah-na)!

bellissima Fri 18-Sep-09 08:33:32

As noted elsewhere, it's that Victoria Wood sketch 'Do you know, you've got a look of Eva Braun??' - that makes Eva iffy for me. Prefer Ava.

Don't particularly like Alana. bit trashy (you said be honest!)

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