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peachespaige Thu 17-Sep-09 09:16:38

I like this name but not sure if it suits a baby. A grown man maybe but "baby Perry" Im not sure. Or Hugh again same issue. Or Patrick?
Which do you prefer? I already have 2 boys and feel that Ive used my favorite names and if this is a boy I want to feel that i love his name too.
Dp is from Northern Ireland and our boys have Irish names so any other suggestion would be great. I have a Flynn so no F names really.

Jajas Thu 17-Sep-09 09:26:41

Kevin and Perry Go Large! Sorry that was first thing that came to mind..

Spagblog Thu 17-Sep-09 09:26:52

I like Perry, but there is a James Bond style Platypus called Perry in a kids programme on Disney.

We named our car Perry after it. Perry the Passatypus grin

That doesn't really help does it

MrsHappy Thu 17-Sep-09 09:28:51

I'm not a fan of Perry...

Hugh and Patrick I think are nice at any age. I know a baby Hugh and it does suit him.

persephoneplum Thu 17-Sep-09 10:16:26

Only as a nickname for Peregrine
I like Perry but not as a stand-alone.

peachespaige Thu 17-Sep-09 10:29:49

Jajas hadnt thought of that!
lol at spagblog
So Perry is out then [gin]

peachespaige Thu 17-Sep-09 10:30:25

I mean grin

8oreighty Thu 17-Sep-09 10:30:31

reminds me of fat old american men.

bellissima Thu 17-Sep-09 11:47:12

Jajas got there first - only have a Perry if you already have a Kevin. Either that or its some vile pear based alco-pop.

Hugh and Patrick sound fine to me. Fraid my Irish (male) antecedents had names like Patrick, Thomas, Edward and John, but I'm sure someone can give you some more 'authentic' names NB avoid Stephen - had an Irish colleague who used to proclaim (somewhat proudly) that the true Irish version was more like 'Stiff One'. ahem.

KAEKAE Thu 17-Sep-09 13:40:50

I am sorry but I think of it as a chavvy name.

skihorse Thu 17-Sep-09 14:43:27

Only for twin boys; Kevin and Perry of course.

nlo Thu 17-Sep-09 16:00:52

I think that Perry would be OK for a boy but not for a makes me think of perrywinkle grin

noddyholder Thu 17-Sep-09 16:06:05

I love Hugh not keen on perry

PortBlacksandResident Thu 17-Sep-09 16:10:53

Connor is a good strong name.

I like Patrick too.

serenity Thu 17-Sep-09 16:20:18

I like Perry, but that's probably because it reminds me of this rather nice young man I knew (from a distance) when I was a lot younger.

Sunbeammama Fri 18-Sep-09 11:37:07

I think Perry is a really cute name, goes well with Flynn. I like Patrick too; Patch is a sweet nn.

Servalan Fri 18-Sep-09 12:14:01

Not at all keen on Perry. Sorry.

Like Patrick very much

meltedmarsbars Fri 18-Sep-09 12:15:25

Perry? is that what you were drinking when you conceived?

RealityIsNOTDetoxing Fri 18-Sep-09 12:18:38

Message withdrawn

moodlumthehoodlum Fri 18-Sep-09 12:18:55

Perry noooo.

And DS has just got a boy in his new class called Peregrine, only DS is convinced his name is Penguin, so I'd forget Peregrine also wink

bronze Fri 18-Sep-09 12:19:49

makes me think of pear cider which seems to be the in drink at the moment

meltedmarsbars Fri 18-Sep-09 12:26:45

Perry was the cheap teenage drink of choice when I was at conceiving age!!

MamaLazarou Fri 18-Sep-09 13:53:03



peachespaige Fri 18-Sep-09 14:42:47

Lol at opinions. Im still not sure so I think thats a no to be honest!
Patrick is lovely as is Patch for a nn. Dps brother is called Perry and somehow got it into his head that we are going to name this one Perry if its a boy, I only said I quite liked it for goodnes sake, bit awkward breaking the news to him!
Im now swaying to Roddy slightly am I mad?

meltedmarsbars Fri 18-Sep-09 14:51:44

Yep, its the hormones dearie wink

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