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Nancy10 Tue 15-Sep-09 11:09:13

Opinions please! Good or bad!

persephoneplum Tue 15-Sep-09 11:48:12

I've grown quite an affection for it since I had my Felix, but back in the 90s I associated it with that painful tv series with that painful girl in it by that name. I'm over that though and think it's quite a refreshing choice.

PrettyCandles Tue 15-Sep-09 11:50:01

I like. Old fashioned in a classic sense, rather than dated. Nice meaning. Lots of nice nickanmes. And there's not much chance of her having three other classmates with the same name!

Takver Tue 15-Sep-09 11:59:41


micramummy Tue 15-Sep-09 12:01:36

Felicia is another version, its lovely either way

ludog Tue 15-Sep-09 12:02:44

I know a 12 year old Felicity and it really suits her. I wouldn't have liked it before, but it has grown on me now!

MrsBadger Tue 15-Sep-09 12:03:35

I like it

I will warn you there were at least three of them, all under 8, at the poncey Surrey adventure playground we visited on Sunday - as a name it is alive and well and living in Farnham...

HollyBunda Tue 15-Sep-09 12:18:06

i love it, it was on our shortlist before we found out we were in a boy.

micramummy Tue 15-Sep-09 12:35:12

I think Amelia and Elousie and Erin are amongst the biggest ones of the last year or so, all lovely but very popular now.
What about Melissa or Estella or Franchessca

MrsBadger Tue 15-Sep-09 12:36:11

(NB please spell them Eloise and Francesca)

Lakota Tue 15-Sep-09 12:40:17

My very best friend through Primary school whom I met at nursery was called Felicity. She moved away at 10 and I still miss how close we were, although we still write. It's a great name, I always called her Fliss, although her friends at her new school shortened it to Feli. And of course it has a lovely meaning.

Nancy10 Tue 15-Sep-09 14:20:14

Lakota, the meaning is lovely. I liked the name and the meaning confirmed to me that it is a good choice!

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