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wanting an unusual name....

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So we have found out we are expecting a boy and so far i have 2 names but although i love the 2nd, dh is not sure.

Max Simon........
Finley Raymond (i adore this name!) Finley Ray

We have to have Raymond or Simon as its family tradition on dh's side through the generations.

Can anyone think of anything nice and different??


dingdong3 Tue 15-Sep-09 10:58:35

I love Finlay too...much more that Max. And Finlay can be shortened to Finn too. Also prefer Simon over Raymond. too. My boys names were Charlie and Patrick..but then found out my twins were girls!! Took me ages to think of two girls! Good luck with your big decision. x

but does finlay simon work? it doesnt flow iykwim........

Have you decided on girls names??

It really is such a big decision to make, my dad said finn would get called fishy at school lol and i should think about how kids will react to names at school.

persephoneplum Tue 15-Sep-09 11:00:49

Depending on where you live, Max may be insanely popular and not as unusual as you're thinking. Is this your first baby? If so, do your homework about what's popular as the results may surprise you.

Any 'Fin' name is also incredibly popular even if the full name itself isn't. I know about a hundred Finns.

I suffer from the same problem. I love names which are all over the British popularity lists which don't even rate here in Australia. I have turned to more refreshing options now that I'm looking at a third child and have been around the naming traps for five years.

Inigo is my first choice for a third boy.

That said, Finley Raymond does work well.
I don't like the way the names in Max Simon run into each other.

ooh interesting yes on areas.

In this area i dont know many Finns (well i know a baby Finn about 10 years ago) and i think i know a couple of Max's.

Inigo or Indigo?? I love Indigo thats a beautiful name!

I have said Finley Ray so many times it feels so right to me. Just need dh to agree! smile

I like Finley Ray, have you also thought about Finnbar?

not heard of finnbar before! but nope on instinct im not liking it smile

ShowOfHands Tue 15-Sep-09 11:10:44

If I ever had a boy he'd be called Inigo too. Brill name.

Lots and lots of Finns here, Finlay, Finegan, Finbar, Finian etc Few Maxs too.

MaggieBeauLeo Tue 15-Sep-09 11:13:03

What about Redmond? Instead of Raymond?

I love Red for short.

Finley isn't unusual. But Finbar or Fintan might be alternatives. Fergus has the same celtic feel as Finley and could be Gus for short which kind of reminds me of max.

Max is a great name and I do really like it but it is one of the top names I think. What about Gus, Bruce, Saul, Seth, Guy, Ross, Greg, they all have that short, sharp one syllable strong name feel.

ooh thats given me a few to think about! thanks ladies!!

as for Redmond its not an option as normally its the dad or grandads name that goes through the line, as Raymond is dh dad and dh is simon.

shoobidoo Tue 15-Sep-09 13:32:47

Agree that Max and Fin are VERY popular names. So if you're after a less common name, I wouldn't chose either.

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