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only 2 week can agree on,

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sumatra Sat 12-Sep-09 05:25:48

I like lots of names,mostly girls libby,madison,isobel,ivy,ruby&many more,boys charlie,harry,thoe,roman,lucas
My boyfriend likes traditional&boring names,
we have finally agreed on Ava Rose & Afie Thomas,what are your thoughts?

sumatra Sat 12-Sep-09 05:27:08

Oh sorry should say the only 2 we can agree on,ha

kitsmummy Sat 12-Sep-09 07:22:44

I like ava, but am just not a fan of Alfie - there are so many of them around and I find the name a bit twee.

suwoo Sat 12-Sep-09 07:57:06

Every third baby is called Alfie at the moment. Your choice though. Ava is also very popular, thinking about it. I know three. Lovely name though.

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