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Here's our boys' shortlist - can you add?

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flyingcloud Thu 10-Sep-09 17:00:37

I always swore I wouldn't do this as I don't particularly want people's opinions on what we have chosen (please don't ruin any of them for me!)

BUT DH and I are in constant disagreement - he changes his mind every five minutes.

It needs to be easily pronouncable for a French person (and an English-speaker).

It can't start with G!

Henri (family name)
Charles (family name)
Sasha (yes, it's a boy's name in France, just as it is in Russia)
Archie (family name)
Leo (unfortunately FOR US ruined by someone we know but it's a name we love otherwise.)

Thank you!

nameynamerson Thu 10-Sep-09 17:03:34

i like max and leo from your list

twirlymum Thu 10-Sep-09 17:08:53

ds is Max smile

crumpette Thu 10-Sep-09 17:10:36

My favourites are Leo, Charles and Henri from your list.

Nicolas? Alexander? (I like Sasha as a nickname for Alexander)

I know some French boys called Matthew and Thomas who have never had pronunciation problems there

GoldenSunset Thu 10-Sep-09 17:10:50

Love Roman

rolledhedgehog Thu 10-Sep-09 17:12:17

What about Leon?

I liked this but DH was having none of it. From your list I like leo and Roman.

dogonpoints Thu 10-Sep-09 17:16:54

max is good

jellybeans Thu 10-Sep-09 17:20:02

max and leo are great.

monica79 Thu 10-Sep-09 18:11:25

Archie is brilliant!

hellokitty22 Thu 10-Sep-09 21:04:29

I like Alexander/Sasha and Leo from your list.

How about Quentin (quite popular in France?), Lucas or Thomas?

lilolilmanchester Thu 10-Sep-09 21:05:44

I'd vote for Max or Leo

suchabusymum Thu 10-Sep-09 21:11:11

Alfie is good

my little one is called Alfie

flyingcloud Fri 11-Sep-09 08:57:21

Thanks all- very helpful. I like Alfie a lot. That did come up before, may have to start lobbying for it again.

Unfortunately Alexander, Matthew and Lucas are both definite nos here, not that we don't like them... Family members or close friends with children of those names (too close to 'borrow').

PuppyMonkey Fri 11-Sep-09 09:05:03

Alfie too popular now imho.

Sasha is a dog's name. Or at least it's what my sis calls her dog.

Your others are ok. A bit dull.

I always liked Sebastian but never had a boy. You can have Sebastian if you want it? grin

devientenigma Fri 11-Sep-09 23:09:39

Hi, I won't ruin any of your picked names like you asked, kind of like Sasha tho, it's different. You asked for additions so here's mine: Efram, Corin, Kierand to add my ds is Brynley.

devientenigma Fri 11-Sep-09 23:10:00

Sorry that should be Kier.

seasalt Fri 11-Sep-09 23:31:01

Like Roman best from your list. What about Louis?

HigherThanAWombat Sat 12-Sep-09 00:57:47

I like Max. Henri is ok. Charles is ok. I love Sasha,really adore it. I hate Archie. Love Roman and don't really like Leo.

LittleMissWorryHead Sat 12-Sep-09 17:17:52

Love Henri from your list, as well as Leo and Roman.

What about Luc?

noddyholder Sat 12-Sep-09 17:26:24

Charles and Roman

brimfull Sat 12-Sep-09 17:28:58


and I love Sebastian

BerylCole Sun 13-Sep-09 12:04:13

I like Leo a lot.

Archie and Alfie are a bit 'done'. Arthur? Works in France, too. Such a nice name.

WowOoo Sun 13-Sep-09 12:07:29

Leo Henri. Sounds delectable with French accent! As does Roman. ...

Actually anything sounds good with a French accent!

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