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LovelyTinOfSpam Wed 09-Sep-09 21:19:42

bbc quiz today!

Tidey Wed 09-Sep-09 21:26:54

4/7. I could've sworn I read somewhere that Jack had been no 1 since '94 but maybe I imagined it.

paisleyleaf Wed 09-Sep-09 21:30:04

Tidey, I think I read that just yesterday too. Might've been in the link to the Daily Mail article about the teachers being prejudiced against certain names.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 09-Sep-09 21:57:08

7/7 smile Couple of guesses in there though

LovelyTinOfSpam Wed 09-Sep-09 21:58:53

[applauds] tillyscoutsmum grin

ElectricElephant Wed 09-Sep-09 22:00:42



dizzydixies Wed 09-Sep-09 22:37:23

so much for me thinking I was being original with DD2's name hmm

sweetkitty Wed 09-Sep-09 22:49:17

2/7 gutted

Your names FAR too common Dizzy grin

mrswoolf Thu 10-Sep-09 00:22:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dizzydixies Thu 10-Sep-09 16:04:35


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