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4 weeks to go and can't decide on a name

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Broccopolli Wed 09-Sep-09 00:21:07

DD2 is due in 4 weeks. It took me ages to get used to DD1 name, and wasn't at all sure that I liked it for several months (even used to get it mixed up with a similar sounding name blush)

I'm finding it even harder to choose another girls name this time, and want to get it right. DH is very good at deciding on names that he doesn't like, but is as indecisive as me when it comes to choosing one that he does.

I need your help MNers! What do you think of these:


Thanks smile!

Clary Wed 09-Sep-09 00:25:05

Of yr choices I like Elsie. Does DD1 have an "old-lady" name tho? If she's called Kylie it may not work.

Olivia is pretty popular, but also pretty!

Genevieve is nice as long as yr surname is not too much of a mouthful.

Zoe is nice and short and easy to write and spell - end of the alphabet tho.

Not much help am I grin

Broccopolli Wed 09-Sep-09 00:34:46

Thanks Clary - that's very helpful actually! DD1 has one of those old fashioned names that has become common again recently. So Elsie wouldn't clash.

Clary Wed 09-Sep-09 00:49:13

Ah there you go, Florence and Elsie.

Or Mabel and Elsie.

If you need any more of those to toy with I have a ton...

Ava, Agatha, Agnes, Grace, Rosie, Betty, Constance...

seeker Wed 09-Sep-09 01:20:39

Ivy and Zoe from your list.

I will not rest, though, until someone on Mumsnet calls a dd Clemency.

nevergoogledragonbutter Wed 09-Sep-09 01:33:54

Hazel and Zoe are my favourites from your list.

I don't like maxine and roxanne though.

mrswoolf Wed 09-Sep-09 02:45:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Broccopolli Wed 09-Sep-09 03:30:18

Interesting - so Zoe has gone down quite well. I'm quite keen on this name too.

Seeker - not sure if you're having a laugh or not, but I think Clemency sounds quite nice. Maybe I'll run it by DH.

southernbelle77 Wed 09-Sep-09 07:29:49

Favourite from your list is Elsie. I ran that past dh for our not yet born dd! He didn't like it though

I like Olivia but it's so popular now that I imagine there will be at least 1 more in class at school or nursery but that doesn't have to bother you.

Quite like Zoe too.

Ivy is nice, although I do feel like it's a name that might be linked to 'poison' if there are some cruel people at school.

Not overly keen on the others, especially Maxine or Roxanne.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 09-Sep-09 08:04:25

I LOVE Roxanne, and also like Zoe and Hazel.

bellissima Wed 09-Sep-09 08:50:14

Elsie. definitely.

Cies Wed 09-Sep-09 08:55:10

Of your list I'm not keen on Roxanne or Maxine.

My favourites are Ivy and Genevieve.

Zoe and Hazel are nice too.

WesternBelle Wed 09-Sep-09 09:10:04

Love Jasmine and Zoe from your list.

Not at all keen on Hazel, Ivy, Dahlia or Maxine.

Genevieve, Roxanne, Olivia, Elsie are "ok" but not stunning and have their own hmm ie Genevieve - nobody will be able to spell it and she'll be spelling it out forever, "No, G-E-N not J-E-N"....; Roxanne - name of trampy soap character and a bit of a "bad girl's" name; Olivia - nice but everywhere ATM; Elsie - flimsy name that will suit a little girl for 10 mins but seems unfinished and a bit of a nn, much prefer Elsa, Ella or Elise.

Supercherry Wed 09-Sep-09 09:11:44

Jasmine is lovely and pretty.

Zoe is cool.

Olivia is gorgeous but far too popular IMO, and there would be lots of Olivias at school so that might put you off.

Ivy and Elsie are nice too.

Not so keen on others.

LaDiDaDi Wed 09-Sep-09 09:14:02

I like Zpe, Genevieve and Elsie.

MrsVik Wed 09-Sep-09 09:29:55

Maxine - no
Roxanne - no
Hazel - very nice
Zoe - kind of funky sounding, could be fine
Genevieve - not too bad
Jasmine - pretty
Olivia - very nice
Dahlia - nice
Ivy - very nice
Elsie - ok

thirtysomething Wed 09-Sep-09 09:30:50

Zoe is a fab name - all the Zoes I have ever name are super-cool and very creative! It also works well at any age and is never over-popular.

I also like genevieve from your list.

other suggestions:

penelopestrawberry Wed 09-Sep-09 09:49:14

Maxine- dislike- sounds dated and not v feminine
Roxanne-dislike- as above
Hazel- nice
Zoe- not keen on this but nothing wrong with it
Genevieve- gorgeous- on my list too
Jasmine- pretty
Olivia- v pretty name but v popular
Dahlia- pretty
Ivy- love this
Elsie- love this too.

my top picks would be: Genevieve, Ivy or Elsie

Broccopolli Wed 09-Sep-09 11:37:46

Thanks everyone for your input - this has been really helpful. We're living in Australia at the moment so wasn't aware of some of the negative associations with soap characters etc. A return to the UK may be on the cards though, so it's good to have an idea how names will go down there.

Thirtysomething - thanks for alternative suggestions. I like Coralie and Edie (also like Elisa, but neice is Elizabeth so a bit similar).

Am a bit relieved that my list didn't get completely ripped to shreds grin!

skyward Wed 09-Sep-09 15:29:03

I love the name Genevieve, though they do get shortened to Gen quite often.

thell Thu 10-Sep-09 22:20:13

Can't think of Roxanne without hearing Sting yelling it in my head!

I love Zoe, Hazel, Jasmine & Elsie.
Also like Flora, Edie & Xanthe from thirty's list


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