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tummyticklers proper long girls list!

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tummytickler Sun 30-Aug-09 19:53:59

Well, after the disasterous post from Mumsnets baby name finder, i am going to hand type our lists - a combination of my names and dh's (will * the ones on both our lists).
I usually manage to talk him 'round to a name which is why i have included lots he hasn't yet agreed to.
'Tis very long as it is a first draught.

Gwendolen *
Hilda *

Rita *
Mildred ** (but dont like Millie)
Shi frah

Thats it for now!
We really want something that sounds noce with dc's (Iris, Pearl, Eli and Amos) and something that is not going to be predictable or trendy, really date a child to 2010 etc.
Opinions gratefully recieved!

annasmami Sun 30-Aug-09 19:57:27

Love Aphra, Hilda and Thora!

(Isn't Winifred a boys name?)

janeite Sun 30-Aug-09 20:05:27

Gwendolen is sweet and I like Prudence (but not Pru). sally is a nice name that seems to have fallen out of favour somewhat.

boodleboot Sun 30-Aug-09 21:10:55

Joan - Joanie goes best with your list i think....i really like Thora too but i think thats cos my cat is called Thor grin

mathanxiety Sun 30-Aug-09 21:26:31

Always thought Margaret (Rita for short) meant Pearl?

From your list I like Shifrah (if you mean the Irish name Siofra), Zuleika, Sibyl, Hilda and Aphra. I think they go better with your DD names.

tummytickler Sun 30-Aug-09 21:32:52

No, not the Irish name Siofra, but the Hebrew name Shifrah grin - they may sound similar though - i dont know how to say Siofra!
I am making a tally to show dh later!
Thanks - keep the opinions coming ladies!
I am a little surprised that Hilda is being favoured.
i dont really mind that Margaret/Rita means Pearl - quite a sweet link between them really especially as the names don't sound similar.

TiggyR Sun 30-Aug-09 21:34:20

So many on there I hate it's hard not to think this post is a joke -sorry! I like your other DCs names, and I agree it's hard to second guess which old fashioned names will become too common next time round, but sorry, Gertrude, Ethel and Hilda are going too far! If you are prepared to wait 20 years for your child's name to sound anything less than a vile clanger then go ahead!

However, Edith is beautiful.....(Go figure)

thesecondcoming Sun 30-Aug-09 21:37:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jellybeans Sun 30-Aug-09 21:42:55

I don't like old lady names, sorry but I think the best are


TheFallenMadonna Sun 30-Aug-09 21:45:42

From your list I love Mary, and also like Miriam (a lot) and Margaret (a bit). And that would be it for me.

So I suspect we may have somewhat tastes grin

NotanOtter Sun 30-Aug-09 21:48:42

my fave is Majorie i would use it myself

tummytickler Sun 30-Aug-09 21:49:12

But we dont think Hilda, Gertrude and Ethel sound like vile clangers! We think they sound elegant and charming (especially Hilda which is dh's very fav)
Not a joke grin, this is our list that we need to dwindle down!

hester Sun 30-Aug-09 21:52:22

Aphra, Miriam, Shifra best, I think. I quite like Sally, Sibyl and Thora as well.

thesecondcoming Sun 30-Aug-09 21:52:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gloomysue Sun 30-Aug-09 22:01:42

I think you have excellent taste in names. My favourites from your list are Jean, Joan, Miriam, Myrtle, Primrose and Winifred.

TiggyR Sun 30-Aug-09 22:14:55

This is so tricky! So subjective, it's impossible! I love Edith, but hate Ethel - so how do you feel about Enid or Edna? I hate them BTW, there is really no logic to why we should like one and hate another. I think Mary is very pretty but I can't stand Marjorie. Hilda was my granny's name so to me it is a no-no. But Flossie was her sister's name and I like that.... Rita is in the same camp as Marjorie, Audrey, Mavis, Brenda, Beryl- just dull, middle aged pedestrian, run of the mill....but I like Daphne.......If you like Gertrude, then why not Gladys? Yuk! I think it might be a generational thing. I'm 43, my grandma is dead but if she were alive she'd be 100. Anything you remember as being commonplace will seem naff/old fashioned (in the wrong way) whereas people who are almost a generation removed can see it as uber-cool/ironic/retro and ready for a revival.

mrswoolf Sun 30-Aug-09 23:11:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tummytickler Sun 30-Aug-09 23:15:02

Tiggyr - i forgot Enid - ds2 was going to be Enid but he was a boy - tis very high on our lists!

mrswoolf Sun 30-Aug-09 23:23:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TiggyR Sun 30-Aug-09 23:44:30

How about Dahlia? Now that is lovely. And unusual. And not someone's granny's name.

tummytickler Mon 31-Aug-09 08:40:27

I love Dahlia - but reminds me of Bertie Woosters old aunt!

Jayp1ckle Mon 31-Aug-09 09:08:11

Gilda is nice.

bellissima Mon 31-Aug-09 12:59:37

As mrswoolf points out, Alma just makes you think of alma mater, Zuleika of Oxford and indeed half the names just sound as if you were dreaming of bluestockings on bicycles...are your ambitions for the child to be a don??

justbeenforapromenade Mon 31-Aug-09 15:41:10

Alma - I like - makes me think of almonds, despite the alma mater
Aphra - no - aphids
Ethel - OK
Gertrude - no
Gilda - no
Gwendolen * - elegant
Hilda * - no
Jean* - OK
Joan* - OK
Juniper* - bit hippy
Magnolia - nice
Margaret - not yet
Rita * - not yet
Marigold - love this - especially if she has red hair
Mary - like
Miriam - like
Mildred ** (but dont like Millie) -bit like Mildew
Marjorie - not yet
Morag - like
Myrtle - like but there are prettier
Peggy - like
Phyllis - pretty but think of my old aunt
Primrose - bit prim
Prudence - bit square
Priscilla - better
Roberta - OK
Sally - OK
Shi frah - would have to know what it meant
Sibyl - like
Thisbe - like
Thora - like - what about Zora?
Winifred - like - Winnie is very sweet
Zuleika - like - What about Xanthe? means golden

I'm really excited about Marigold, and have already considered that for a second dd

LaDiDaDi Mon 31-Aug-09 15:53:16


Rita *

I've just cut out all of the horrible ones for you wink.

I really like Juniper, I remember you thinking about it ages ago. I also love Thora, very pretty imo.

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