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Kiddi's baby name shortlist

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Kiddi Sat 15-Aug-09 19:26:45

Here's the shortlist of baby names I'm considering that I generated with Mumsnet's Baby Name Finder. Let me know what you think.



tummytickler Sat 15-Aug-09 19:39:43

I only like Violet.

TheHappyCamper Sat 15-Aug-09 19:40:00

Ooo I like Taliah and Violet, lovely names and not over-popular I reckon. I guess you're struggling for boys?

slowreadingprogress Sat 15-Aug-09 19:57:29

I only like Violet too.

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sat 15-Aug-09 20:07:07

Jaimiani and Tawnie are not great.

seeker Sat 15-Aug-09 20:08:42

You are, I assume, joking?

nooka Sat 15-Aug-09 20:13:05

Looks like the finder needs some more work...

scottishmummy Sat 15-Aug-09 20:16:53

use common sense.imagine shouting it in park.dont chose names randomly using a jokey premise

however if you are set on computer chooses malarkey may i suggest some scottish names

TiggyR Sat 15-Aug-09 20:23:49

Not Giorgio unless you are Italian PLEASE!!!!!! Tawnie is yuk, sounds like a made up trailer trash name. Jaimiani sounds like one of the people with bizarre implausible names and even more bizarre implausible lives on Jerry Springer.

Taliah - very beautiful except the correct spelling is Thalia - please stick to it. Fiddling around with spellings of names to be different is just sad.

Violet - beautiful.

scottishmummy Sat 15-Aug-09 20:25:40

Jaimiani too similar to Princess Tiaamii.dont go there

slowreadingprogress Sat 15-Aug-09 20:32:13

actually Jaimiani is growing on me, though I think it should be spelled jaiimmiiannii. HTH?

TiggyR Sat 15-Aug-09 20:40:25

with a chaser sibling called Shaarniqua, natch.

Kiddi Sat 15-Aug-09 23:36:07

OOPS! not been on mumsnet for a while looks like I made a boo boo. was trying to add my kids names to the list of names AND do a shortlist for my sisters expected twin girls.
LOL - love the honesty of the respondents, thanks, just glad my kids like their names! will figure out how to remove mine from the list shortly

ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Sun 16-Aug-09 08:30:21

You mean you have kids called Jaimiani and Tawnie?

Will say no more.

Kiddi Sun 16-Aug-09 10:27:30

a daughter and a friend
like I said I love honesty

after growing up with a sensible bilical name it was Tawnie that made me appreciate unusual names, she was from Canada.

And Jaimiani is of course completely made up, by my 5 year old son at the time, as we liked Gemima and Hermione ( yes he was into harry potter as were most 5 year old boys)but wanted her to have a name that had no preconceptions attached. (new ones maybe like 'her parents must be a little mad to let a five year old name his sister', are fine with me)

Also most people struggle to say Hermione right unless they read alot, so Jaimiani is as you read it Jai-mi-ani, as beautiful and individual as she is. oh yeah and confident enough to carry it off!

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