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Opinions on Louisa please.

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cherrylips Wed 12-Aug-09 19:02:08

Pretty sure we are going to call dd2 Louisa, would like to hear others opinions.

PestoMonster Wed 12-Aug-09 19:03:56

I like it smile

I also like it spelt Luisa

Stinkyfeet Wed 12-Aug-09 19:04:10

Lovely name, really pretty smile

lena522 Wed 12-Aug-09 19:05:35


Beautiful classic name that doesn't really date.

cupofteaplease Wed 12-Aug-09 19:06:22

Lovely name smile

liliputlady Wed 12-Aug-09 19:09:42

V pretty.
I really love Louise.

cherrylips Wed 12-Aug-09 19:16:11

Oooh, lovely, good feedback. I agree its v pretty. And I like the connection with Louisa M Alcott (of Little Women fame). My other daughter is Laura, named after Laura Ingalls (of Little House on the Prairie fame).

fiestabelle Wed 12-Aug-09 19:27:23

Classic pretty name but not too girly/babyish so sounds elegant on a grown woman too. Love Laura as well, they sit very nicely together

Lulubee Wed 12-Aug-09 19:28:42

How funny, I'm Louise (go figure) and my sister is a Laura. I also know two little girls with those names.

pania Wed 12-Aug-09 19:31:47

Lovely classic name

skibelle Wed 12-Aug-09 19:49:00

I LOVE Louisa! Not very keen on Louise though (sorry) which would put me off.

madremia09 Wed 12-Aug-09 19:50:23

my daughter is called Luisa,born in Spain,is the spanish version........we love it and people always comment on how pretty it is

RubyBlueberry Wed 12-Aug-09 20:03:59

My name.
Obviously fabulous grin

It's lovely not being Louise, cos there were 6 in my year at school.

I get some strange spellings of it - Lousia, Louisea to name but two but all in all I like it!

boodleboot Wed 12-Aug-09 20:31:35

i love it...really simple yet timeless. what middle name?

weegiemum Wed 12-Aug-09 20:33:37

I like Louisa - prefer Louise (dd1 was almost Louise or Elaine but ended up as Katherine)

Nice choice!

piscesmoon Wed 12-Aug-09 20:38:03

Love it!

belindarose Wed 12-Aug-09 20:41:53

Love it. Can't have it ourselves as surname begins with 'L' and don't like the alliterative thing.

Phoenix Wed 12-Aug-09 21:04:23

It was my great grandmas name and we would have used it had ds1 been a girl. His name is Lewis. My grandma was known as Louie to most people.

ravenAK Wed 12-Aug-09 21:05:33

Nice - classic & elegant.

Lizzylou Wed 12-Aug-09 21:11:01

I love it, I know of two Louisas and they are very beautiful smile

loobylu3 Wed 12-Aug-09 21:23:44


ThePregnantPhantomPlopper Wed 12-Aug-09 22:41:31

I like it, its on my short list too, although DH isn't too keen.

pointydog Wed 12-Aug-09 22:55:47

it is very lovely

TimothyTigerTuppennyTail Wed 12-Aug-09 22:58:55

If I'd had a girl she would have been called Louisa. I love that name.

A colleague at work has a 3yr old called Louisa, they've shortened it to Lolly!

BikeRunSki Wed 12-Aug-09 23:02:46

Love it. Was on (my) list for DS if he had been a DD, although we went to a wedding where teh bride was Louisa shortly before he was born, so would have looked a bit odd anyway.

Prefer Lousia. I think a Luisa would spend her whole time spelling out her name unless she is Italian. I am all for shortcuts in making life easier.

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