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waitingforbedtime Wed 12-Aug-09 18:22:42

Elspeth, shortened to Elsie?

deepdarkwood Wed 12-Aug-09 18:24:19

Like it smile

diedandgonetodevon Wed 12-Aug-09 18:25:01

I like it too.

boodleboot Wed 12-Aug-09 18:39:46

nice actually.

lotspot Wed 12-Aug-09 18:56:11

I like it

waitingforbedtime Wed 12-Aug-09 19:22:48

thanks for opinions, am only ttc now but for some reason today this name just popped into my head and i fell in love with it!!

MamaLazarou Thu 13-Aug-09 10:55:58

Elspeth should ideally have a brother named Angus, and a thistle whistle for summoning nessies.

mrswoolf Thu 13-Aug-09 10:57:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cthea Thu 13-Aug-09 11:02:15

Wouldn't it sound like Espe? I think if you say each sound it's too much of a mouthful. Elizabeth is nice, though.

dizzydixies Thu 13-Aug-09 11:40:48

lovely smile

Vikelm Thu 13-Aug-09 12:13:20

I love this name - beautiful.

MrsBadger Thu 13-Aug-09 12:25:55

I like it
but it is in my memory tainted by a very wet and weedy Brownie leader

Scorpette Thu 13-Aug-09 19:06:00

My DP's cousin is Elspeth, known as Elsie and I love it. Go for it! If she feels it's too 'different' when she hits her teens and wants to fit in, she can call herself Ellie.

waitingforbedtime Thu 13-Aug-09 19:23:53

Mamalazarou my son's name is EVEN more Scottish than Angus!!

waitingforbedtime Thu 13-Aug-09 19:25:17

P.S Our surname is also McTout ;)

loobylu3 Thu 13-Aug-09 20:06:06


everlong Thu 13-Aug-09 20:32:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

screamingabdab Thu 13-Aug-09 22:01:54

Like Elsie, but dislike Elspeth.

piscesmoon Thu 13-Aug-09 22:09:42

I like Elspeth but not Elsie. I have never known an old lady called Elsie who liked the name!

kalo12 Thu 13-Aug-09 22:12:14

i know someone who is elspeth shortened to elsie. very nice

MaggieBelleVirgo Thu 13-Aug-09 22:14:59

I love Elsie and Elsa, really love them, but Elspeth is a little uptight. She might have a sister called Prudence.

screamingabdab Fri 14-Aug-09 01:42:17

What about Elizabeth, shortened to Elsie ?

nappyaddict Fri 14-Aug-09 01:51:35

Love Elspeth but prefer the nickname Elsa to Elsie.

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